I Condemn the Destruction of the Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument

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  • Jim-Bob reply facebook already took his page down. Must have had some MAD shit on it.
  • RichardWendling reply I just accessed the facebook....He is an actor. and he is 430 so well beyond 420... Wowzers!
  • I3UTM reply A compromise was to do the SWJ way. The monument would have been protested at, declared it a "white, supremacist, racist," and held it hostage to prevent it from leaving. At least, that way, it would fit with his notion of reality. This individual and ISIS have something in common, here. ^.^
  • DueyBear reply I think monuments to many religions (representing the populace of the town/region) ought to have their own special place, not next to each other to encourage conflict but each in their own location so that the devout of whatever philosophy can have a part of the public space be dedicated to their forebears, I think that would do wonders for people feeling a sense of belonging in a community. On the other hand having none strips us of culture. And speaking as someone who hates postmodern art, I still in a way have fond memories of scoffing at strange statues in parks that don't seem to be anything. They've sparked conversations with friends and served as meeting places. "Meet you at the twisted hotdog" etc. So hey, the more monuments the better, be they to people, faiths, philosophies, events or discoveries.
  • RichardWendling reply That last post will show as spam cuz I put a link to the rainbow gathering home page Oh VIDME you wacky guys!
  • RichardWendling reply The guy was probably from a low level masonic luciferian sect and isn't even aware of that! I wasn't, it took some time for me to get it. The MIND BLOCK is strong and Lithium is no longer available on Credit! Much Love! You should go to the Rainbow Gathering and cover it on here. Welcomehome.org
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