IS GOKU AN ANTI-HERO? | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • CasualMode reply My thoughts on this are that while Goku's blood knight tendencies are due to his Saiyan heritage creeping in, I believe that the Super Saiyan God ritual actually kickstarted his devolution to his current state. After all, what are gods but idealized depictions of all-power beings? To that end, what would become a god to Saiyans if not an immensely powerful Super Saiyan with an absolutely insatiable lust for combat? It's like the Legendary Super Saiyan cranked up to 11. What intrigues me is how Vegeta is going to react to this. All his life, Vegeta has prided himself on being the Prince of All Saiyans, the elite of the elite, the living archetype of the Saiyan warrior. He's looked up to the Legendary Super Saiyan as the paragon of power. He's worked his ass off to keep up with or surpass Kakarrot. But he's become a more well-rounded person over time...and yet he's watching as the low-class Saiyan is starting to act like the man he's outgrown. You can see it on Vegeta's face whenever G...moreoku is trying to get him to ditch his pregnant wife and come training. He's growing increasingly annoyed with Goku's naiveté. It was bad enough that Goku didn't kiss his wife, but it's even worse that Kakarrot is so unconcerned about the fact that BULMA IS ABOUT TO HAVE ANOTHER KID. Vegeta wasn't around for the first one; why wouldn't he be around for this one to make amends? And each time Goku talks to him while he's on edge, Vegeta's face betrays his mood: he's about to snap at this boy. When will that come? At some point, someone's going to let slip the whole "universes will be doomed when they lose" thing to Vegeta. And while Saiyan Saga Vegeta might've not have cared, /this/ Vegeta will. His family's life is in danger. The Saiyans of Universe 6 are in danger. At his worst, Vegeta has not become a threat to multiple universes, and here is the supposed defender of Earth, the guy who kicked his ass so he wouldn't destroy Earth, gambling MULTIPLE UNIVERSES just for the sake of a dew good fights. The Renegade for Life /will/ lay into the Paragon 'Til Death. And this time, we'll be rooting for Vegeta, because /he will be right/.
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