What Will Smartphones of the Future Look Like? (In 50 Years)

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  • [ – ] Fexel reply The whole RFID thing is probably the most dangerous piece of technology to impliment everything into it, while you would physically need that RFID chip, they are easily cloned if you get close enough to scan them. Meaning someone could easily steal your identity if there are no other safeguards
    • Fexel parent reply And that doesnt even include the authority who manages those RFID chips could just deauthorize it and cut you off from everything that uses it.
  • S0JET reply Maps of indoor places like malls/ airports is already a thing in certain cities! It’s a little unnerving to think everyones homes will be mapped perfectly, but I think you’re right when you say this technology is coming very soon.
  • C0n57an71n reply Well..., The only thing that could do that would be graphene > supercapacitors > almost non-resistive/ transparents circuit paths..., But still..., a long way. The answer it's cheap energy, especialy cheap storage capacity. That will be the answer and all will come up exponentialy.
  • Bible_Based_Doctrine reply Very interesting
  • sapphiredskye reply I'd love to see translucent ones
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