Bizarre But True: Transylvanians Behind Nazi Globalism

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  • bvictoryfreedom reply I put on big train lines I'm getting police attack I found an underground base in coldatream victoria I don't care david icke was right they pedos gloves off they stayin Tasmania NZEALAND CLOSE TO LUCIFERS EYE IS NIBIRU THEIR SURPRISE AJ EMAIL ME please even news letter they cut my units phone service and unit underneath perfectly to my door a holes I want peice but I following the white dragons I will unleash on false charges light will burn vampires and silver is on my good hands middle finger I'm ready if they push me anymore i want peace Jesus Buddha
  • bvictoryfreedom reply Thier black magic will turn on them they have no protection from the light how do I get your products to australia I'm poor got massive injuries but I need caveman and the solar off grid cells I love infowars I put upnsignsbs
  • bvictoryfreedom reply I get audio from your apps prayers meditation white angels protection from darkness and if need be white dragons burn these banking war mongers to there own karma it will happen they hurt the weakest that's the epitome of a weak peice worse than animals worse animals they get the karma none off thier black magick will turn on them white light freedom fighters will win just trust jesus buddha peace love compassion they played with black magic they get thier black straight back right now ha ha you reap what they sow
  • bvictoryfreedom reply Ik warrior bloodlines must live as Jesus Buddha would. Be proud they walking with us freedom a white dragon
  • bvictoryfreedom reply Bvictory freedomSpeach
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