Pokemon Emerald 2 Nuzlocke Part 34: Mapping!

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  • [ – ] Luuma reply Alright you might be playing one of the old versions where you can get to the end and fight missingno but if not return to the staircase and update to a newer version because I accidentally glitched my glitch If you want I can send you a map of the invisible maze
    • [ – ] JoesphGames parent reply You might be right but its hard to tell i'm not sure what version of this i'm on and if new is up or not its been a very good hack tell now where its getting near the end I might make some after game video depending on if there is a after game
      • Luuma parent reply There's not much after game but the battle frontier's been adjusted to fit with some movepool changes. Nothing that's too worth streaming though! Do update to the latest version while outside victory road if you get the chance, I fixed a lot of things! Have fun with the e4, I believe in your team dude.
  • JoesphGames reply Yes but it would gitch the game even more in the end I should of reset the last time instead
  • cannotaccess reply You could use the walk through walls code to get back onto Victory Road.
  • Luuma reply YO YOU FOUND IT
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