German Election: Pest or Cholera ?

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  • [ – ] AMGeli reply I left you a comment under my video but I copy it here because I don't know how it words or if you will have it Many greetings to you also. I am afraid I don't speak German at all. I tought I'd try to make some vids in french to see if there are many french peoples on this site. As you can see, I live, in Montréal, Québec, Canada. It's nice to have an idea of how things are going on from German people. We have an idea that informations don't flow easily in your country.. I am also very interested to see how the elections will go for you. But from here, of course, Miss Merkel is an good position. Good luck !
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Hello, AMGeli My French is really rusty, and my keyboard does not have the French typos, accent grave or accent aigue. I could understand lots of what you said, but not everything, sadly. But there are lots of people who make political videos, from all parts of the world. I try to do my videos in English, because it is a universal language. I cannot speak any other of these "big" languages good enough. I am pretty sure that Merkel will win, with Schulz being in second place. They will form a so-called "grand colition" again, and we will have 4 more years of madness in Germany. Many greetings and all the best to you as well.
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