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Selfless (Motivational Video)

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February 2 2017

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Selfless Being concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with your own; or unselfish. Now its easy to put are wants, needs, and dreams at the top of our priority list because through the process of life we have been dissapointed. Ultimately this dissapointment has built and emotional wall, a barrier to protect us from those negative feelings. Its those barriers that prevent us from helping other people when we see them struggling. So why is it so important that we start becoming selfless? Because giving starts the process of recieving. Thats right, giving your time, your energy, or resources starts the process of recieving much more than you have given. second, good leaders have selfless tendancies. they care about thier employees, and strive to help them as they can which is why these leaders build massively successful companies. very few people can build a successful business on selfish desire alone. then how can we be selfless? well selflessness is a people skill, and it only requires that you pay attention and genuinley care about the other person, or people. now im not saying that you need to be mother theresa here, im only saying that showing someone a little selfless compassion and helping then with out being asked will brighten your day and thiers. Compounded over time this personal trait will bring you huge personal results. you will build better and stronger relationships, and people will be more willing to help you in return. and my last point, being selfless isn't something you do for just one day. You needed to apply this every single day to get any type of result.

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