What Are We?

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  • [ – ] Good_News_This_Morning reply Interesting suggestion about the Sun: how does what we see as the Sun fit into this proposal? My question is, is the Sun also a projection in this model?
    • Interconnect_ parent reply Absolutely! The Sun is considered the projector of the All in Hermetic thought. We are told frequently by physicists that we live inside a holographic universe, which one could argue is the mind or 'dream' of God/Brahma/The All/?Source/etc, they say Tomayto I say Tomahto :) Thus this holographic universe needs a light source for the projection from 2D to 3D and seeing as the sun is our primary light source it figures to my mind that the sun projects our existence from source consciousness, literally bound together by the light like a projector. In esoterica the sun has 3 processes, binding the material world with light and heat (material sun), projection of consciousness/life (soular sun), projection of the power of God (spiritual sun). I would suggest all these apply to our sun that we see travelling across the sky. I talk about the concept in a few other videos if its of interest https://vid.me/K5Rz Thanks again for the comment!
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