We Are NOT Drama (Rocky Is Once Again Triggered)

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I'm tired of this shit too!! Now Marzie is triggered! Drama is NOT real news shit! Are police officers drama? When the police pull you over, respond to a domestic abuse call, bring a lost and scared child back to their parents, or even stop a serial killer that's killed so many people IS THAT DRAMA? NO! So what's the difference? Rocky has stopped people from having fake bots and cheated the system. He's stopped people from spamming on other people's videos. He's even brought awareness to underage Vidizens and Vidizens with children the dangers of pedophiles on the internet. When anyone wants to criticize what Rocky and others from the Drama Crew have done, ask yourself "What have I done to help the community?" If it's nothing, then guess what.. They say if you complain about a problem but dont fix it, offer no solution, or even discuss with who you are the problem to better understand it (Rocky has even offered to talk with someone who thinks he the problem), then YOU are the problem. ...moreTalking shit behind other people's back is grade A high school bullshit! This is Vidme, not high school! Keep your high school bs in high school! Or middle school, if that's your age. And if you're an adult doing high school bs.... wtf dude. I may joke around with Rocky about the #endtheweeklyharassmentshow shit, but that's all it is: JOKES We joke around with each other out of love. You mess with your friends. You joke with them the way you wouldn't with anybody else because you know them and close enough to take the jokes. And if you can't handle us joking around with each other, then don't watch it! It's not about you. Don't make it about you. If it says comedy in the description, it's comedy! Even if it doesn't, listen to the words before you jump to a conclusion! And if you still don't like it, I'll say it again.. It's not about you!!! Sorry Rocky... I had to get that off my chest. Obviously this comment wasn't speaking to you but to the world lol Don't stop what you're doing. You're doing great. I'm here for ya. #Praisebetorocky #featurerocky #dontreallyendtheweeklyharrassmentshow #loves
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Exactly Marzie this paragraph explains the situation better than my video. Thx Marzie nothin but love for you since you are such an amazing person and creator. I couldn't ask for a better friend ❤
    • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply I like the idea as presented by @CrazyRocky in his video. If they think he (and I guess by extension you, @itsOnlyRawman and I) are drama, they should make a video about it or at least do a voice conference with the other side to voice their concerns. I mean, I'd probably just make a dad joke and belch, but I think Rocky has a point about drama being the stuff that's done behind other people's backs. Marzie, you know you and I have talked privately, but all encouraging stuff, I waited till Rocky made this video to voice this opinion because it concerns the community. I mean, don't get me wrong, as a troll, I need a certain amount of drama to thrive >:D but not if it's hurting everyone and making them stop engage in community activities. I NEED THE COMMUNITY TO SURVIVE!!!!! So, even though I want to roast and say weird stuff, I have to go out of character as say NICE things to people hoping you all won't get so discouraged that you'll leave vid.me and I won't have anyone to pester...more anymore. I mean, I could bug @duffy but he's no fun to pester cause he just ignores me and @AxxL_Afriku is no fun to tease cause he's a troll like me and that's sort of like cannibalism.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Sometimes to be a hero, you have to accept being seen as a villain.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply people who say it's drama are the ones who don't watch your content but just make assumptions from the name "Drama Crew." I know it's not drama because i watch your content, but i can understand why people would make quick judgement. We know it's an inside joke/meme (and maybe that's a problem too) because it's like a inside joke that new viewers might not understand. This is the internet, people will think you have beef with someone without waiting till the end, without reading your description, heck, without even clicking on your videos. Even if you change your "Drama Crew" to another name, still people will say it's a Drama group. you can't convince many people. 1) Either you change the "Drama Crew" name for the sake of new viewers who are passing by your channel not to get confused 2) Keep on mentioning in the beginning of your video that this is not drama, this is news/ comedy/ blah blah, but that takes the fun out of it. Like explaining a joke to someone. It's up to you. The peop...morele who say these are not your followers. As long as your followers know what your channel is, then you are ok
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Thanks Aiya, and I definitely won't be changing the name of the group. Just had to rant a little bit. I will definitely continue to state in videos that its not actual drama though because I think it helps
      • Rawman parent reply Yeah it's a damn shame one of the best solutions is change the name...but no just keep it real.
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply They call it drama we know it's 💚 and comedy... like Rawman said comedy is love. (That was pretty deep if you ask me)
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Comedy is indeed love yea I like that idea of thinking. I love Rawman like a brother and if I didn't I wouldn't roast him constantly
  • [ – ] WolvenMedic reply Anybody who thinks giving suggestions to make a site better and pointing out the flaws and going 'look guys, you need to fix this', and backstabbers can honestly do one. I don't have time for it anymore.
  • [ – ] Voxgizer reply Some people don't get the hint, some do and ignore it altogether for the chance at starting real drama. Either way they need to wise the fuck up. As for the VidMe Cop series, if someone doesn't think that's a GOOD thing, they should probably just fuck off.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Literally this is part of the reason I need a break. 50% of it. People indirectly bullying us by doing this stuff...
  • AxxL_Afriku reply my face is drama. ugly drama
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Hope this gets resolved for you, man. Friends turning on you is worse than making enemies cause at least you know where you stand with them.
  • [ – ] Lonecomplex reply Anyone who takes an opinion on the internet seriously needs to remember they are on the internet. It is literally a cesspool of unfiltered human information. Getting upset about what someone says on the internet is like getting upset someone is pissing in a radioactive toxic waste dump.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply It's not about people on the internet at this point it's about people that are close to me
      • Lonecomplex parent reply I'd just stress that you're the one who decides what effect it has on you Rocky. There will always be people who disagree, backstab, and manipulate. (Virtual) anonymity can and will often bring out the worst in people. But then understand where I'm sitting at least: I'm not enamored with becoming (or staying) part of some community. If you feel like a "community" you wanted to be part of has turned its back on you - that's different. Having to justify everything I do to a client (or in this case community) is something I do for work. It's not something I will choose to do when making amusing internet videos unless it amuses me to do so. I'd suggest the same to you, but I figure you probably have different priorities regarding the value of community.
    • Rawman parent reply "anyone who takes an opinion on the internet seriously needs to remember they are on the internet" hahaha you NEED to take your own advise when you break apart my opinionated video haha. No hard feelings. Dunno if you responded to my comment. I don't really check my notifications any more. I won't lie it was an honour you was the first person to reply to my video usually people don't say anything hahaha. Thanks for response!
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply #dramacrew4life lol
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply The Drama Clique is not about teh Drama; Got it... lol Haven't watched the vid yet, so I'm just commenting based on thumbnail and title :) Will watch later and comment some more later
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Sounds good ❤
      • lambdog76 parent reply Watched it through, I hope you feel better having gotten this off your chest. I personally feel it is a good thing what you and the crew are working on. I don't like it that what is a good thing is starting to be the source of aggravation. I absolutely would not want to see solid Creators get burned out altogether of any of this. The internet is a place of snap judgements, and cagey behavior so really you want to take all of this goings ons and back stabbing with a grain of salt.
  • TheVidmeUnicorn reply Saying this isn't Drama is starting Drama!
  • MFKraven reply i am, ill deny the Holocaust just for the drama. get fucken Rocky
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Dammit! You found out about all my back talking and shit stabbing!
  • [ – ] whako reply Why do we get so much hate :(
  • [ – ] FreshSocksFox reply Do you need me to beat up someone.....I'll do it chu!
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply More people saying you are drama?!!!!!! People need to know it's a joke not real drama!!!!!!!
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Exactly!
      • Aaronshy parent reply I mean even on YouTube for the most part ones like Leafyishere are joking around so how is it so hard to see this obvious joke is a joke? Why do so many confuse it for the real deal? It's not like you're going full on Killeeerrrrr Keeemstaaaaar with your vids!
  • Iannis_Hour reply There is no one destroying the site more than those 1M sub youtubers that are not active in the community Better Drama Channels than Youtubers stealing the scene excluding those who rely care about vidme WeirdNews AskaGangsta BUT THE OTHERS SUCK
  • [ – ] ScreamoShaymin reply its upsetting that you go through this, and honestly disheartening for channels that may want to do the same thing. or not. depends on the person. anywho, i wish you luck with the drama crew.
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