I Hate Fairyland Comic Dub Episode 1

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  • RB-Comics reply Hey everyone RB Comics Here. August is almost there and so far I've gain $300 out of the $1000 for the chance to at least go to Bronycon in hopes of getting my channel more exposure. But since my Mother has lost her job and I had to use some of the $300 to buy food and paying the bills for the house, at this rate I doubt my channel or any potential future can go anywhere. But I'm still a bit more optimistic and I wish that if you got the chance or any money (any little counts) you can help donate on my channel through this link https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=2b0Y0j1slFFrS1wUJQ6ABfWsk3XE9PODxDQnvRU4RIihNl4rCHfuxYLpN1TNE7HlI12sD0 It's optional.
  • Tosh_Time1 reply Haha great vid! I'm new to this platform and have one vid up, but feel free to check me out when/if you get the chance:)
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