#PedoGate Update - #GrandTour Hammond "Ice Cream" Joke, Reality Calls Censored, #PizzaGate, etc.

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  • variant reply Omg I was trying to figure this out! On one of the pics of that same child, she's drinking "milk" and looks like she's drugged.
  • variant reply Shared on Facebook!
  • Iamnotmyideak reply Oh no! Chaos in Tierra del Fuego too..
  • variant reply Ok, a few things so I won't post a 100 comments. I wasn't sure about the screams video, but it does sound like a child screaming help and since it's confirmed as coming from inside I totally believe it. I think those guys were lookouts bc who tf plays ping pong outside on the sidewalk, at night.. And lastly about that, the guy that filmed it said it would be a place for rape and murder, this could be taken as him saying it bc of people being out late, but I don't think so. He was also harassed at his home by them so.. ---Next, get a gab account while you're at it. It's the new Twitter. ---And finally, go to Wikileaks and search for the email that says "meat and cheeses, boy you sure know how to throw a party". (Something like that) It's definitely code and the sender says some weird shit about having dinner for breakfast, something about bacon & eggs.
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