IRL - Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition Ep11 - Saving Bootface

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  • InstantReplay reply @Fleech Yeah, it can ONLY help. YouTube just gets away with whatever because they know most people have nowhere else to go.
  • alumiknight reply hey dudes, really enjoyed this, my buddy and i have been planning to make something like this for awhile and its still in the works, thanks for being a good example of how to do things right
  • Kitawa reply Hey guys, I just found out about your channel when I was looking for stuff to watch here after the recent issues with youtube and I gotta say you guys are wonderful, I'm going to be sure to watch more of your stuff!
  • Fleech reply @TheSentinel
  • Fleech reply @InstantReplay very true, hopefully this will end that mentality
  • InstantReplay reply @Fleech thanks man - and yeah I'm not *too* worried about the YouTube stuff, this isn't a job for us anyhow, but they need some competition. Really hoping can be the one to step up.
  • Fleech reply @InstantReplay I'll definitely support you here and YouTube, especially with all that's been going on with them recently.
  • InstantReplay reply @Fleech Thanks man! Much love. We've got a small base over on YouTube but trying as much as we can to get one going over here.
  • Fleech reply @InstantReplay you guys are awesome keep it up
  • InstantReplay reply @Fleech totes.
  • jonnylang reply That's some nasty ass seizure Bats had at the beginning.
  • Dazzlinglatte reply I've never seen this game before. Also, you guys are too funny!! 😂 I'm definitely following.
  • YAOES reply I started playing this game, but never finished it. I couldn't get past the first Scarecrow because I was like 11 and it scared me too much.
  • Tanjum reply Good video, glad to see a new site for new channels to rise up and go off of youtube's site
  • watchawatchwhen reply I Will Be Doing Tech Here About Iphones Or Any Request, I Got Off Youtube And I Had Over 600 Subscribers... Please Follow Me Here Instead :)
  • InstantReplay reply @Kitawa Please do! And let us know with comments like those! We love to engage and interact!
  • InstantReplay reply @alumiknight That's lovely! Feel free to reach out if you have questions - Twitter might be easiest for me to reply on, @InstReplayLive
  • Fleech reply @InstantReplay I'm hoping so too, it would be refreshing to see a new outlook on video sharing.
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