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  • yourvagismysafespace reply TNB; typical nigroid behavior. I have a BMW, but can't afford to have it legally on the road. What? They want me to spend $400-600 to make my car be able to comply with the emission standards? Dem standards be racis', targeting black folks who want an expensive car that they can't afford the maintenance of. They be trippin' yo, I could be getting me a PS4 & a coupla games for that money! That uncle tom coon pig only wrote me dem tickets 'cause I'm black, hell he wouldn't pull over no white boy for expired tags. Anyways, I spent $100 on a lawyer who told the court that "driving dirty" is part of "my culture", so dem white oppressive rules don't apply to me as my peoples wuz slaves & s#¡t. So in order to save the taxpayers the expense of having to deal with the riot my rightful conviction would have caused, they dismissed the tickets. Also, please note that the owner of the unlawfully operated vehicle had the money to pay the tickets on the spot, but chose not to make the legall...morey required repairs to said vehicle.
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