The Kitchen Day 2 - Trump's Buy American Speech, H1B Visas, Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Special Election, Rush Limbaugh and more

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  • [ – ] Blue_Rayner reply As a person in the UK, I like what Pres Trump says however, the new boss is the same as the old boss always. He is part of the dominant elite class whatever he has said (to get elected) he will eventually follow 'the agenda' he has no other choice imho What's wrong with having a strong country with a good economy that supports it's own people? -@Flying_purple_pizzas asks my only reply is #BrExit Thank you.
    • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply The elite can be persuasive. If Trump wasn't going their way in the beginning, he would eventually. I don't see him as part of the dominant elite, but the secondary elite. They don't always see eye to eye, but neither care much for the common folks. I see BrExit as another fly in the dominant elite ointment, and another case of the secondary elite messing with the dominants. They're always fighting.
      • Blue_Rayner parent reply Well that's true, they wouldn't be the dominant elite without in fighting, for sure. That Pres., Trump is his own man is also, but as you say he would eventually follow 'the agenda we can just hope that his care for normal people gets us some concessions along the way however, the more his term passes the lest likely. the brexit fails inevitable bc those of the secondary elite who have gotten us into the ointment, sooner or later would eventually follow 'the agenda' with the Dominants however we might have wanted it otherwise. sadly
  • Pernsteingolem reply A lovely doggy....:D Be nice to it please, dont yell to its ears. Its a real sweet doggy. Greetings from Vienna.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It seems that the dominant elite have spent a lot of time building up the U.S. as a superpower only to gut it from within with all of their silly trade agreements and specialty visas and such. They keep pushing for their New World Order because it's just easier to run an Empire if everything is centralized from a single place. Trump doesn't seem to be on board with their agenda so they use their people to smear him every which way. What's wrong with having a strong country with a good economy that supports it's own people? Nothing. Who's the last president who really cared about the common people? Can't remember any, really. At least Trump is talking about these issues. Peanut is so cute! The kitchen is coming along. Good job!
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