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  • [ – ] Octotiggy reply I'd be highly disappointed if they didn't make a sequel called They Were 12.
  • [ – ] RSNAnime reply This does sounds like a really interesting show. I'm wondering if it will work because it's only a movie so it might feel rushed. I do think the video itself was better here, your audio seems a bit more natural and the visuals add a little bit more information. One suggestions I'd have would be to see if you can cut out the background noise.
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply It's a fun ride. It's a bit slower paced because it was made in '86 but there are parts that move quickly. I rigged up my camera to hang in front of my TV using some rope and and eye screw in the wall. It's not fancy but it does get the camera to eye level. The audio was just a lot of takes until I got it mostly right. The noise is my computer fan so I'm not sure what to do unless there's a way to edit that out. I'll look into it. Thank you for the kind words. :D
      • [ – ] RSNAnime parent reply For audio I use the noise removal in Audacity to help, though I'm sure there are other ways to do it too. It's impressive that you were able to get the camera set up like that, I'm still trying to figure out a good place for my web cam for when I want to be on screen for the videos.
        • theoldsparrow parent reply I just looked up some plugins in the editing software I am using and the distortion plugin seems to help but doesn't get rid of the fan completely. :/ Playing around with the EQ and turning down the bass does make it less noticeable. I'll try to get it right before the next video. Thank you for the advice. :D
  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply Okay! I'm gonna download it and watch it. I hope you do more of these types of reviews and make them more visual. I used to be into this anime stuff a lot when I was younger, but kinda lost interest in it. Mainly because it was the 90's and I had no broadband and I was limited by what I could find in the video shops, and what I could find was often limited.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply I hope you enjoy it. I'm getting more competent each video I do. I'm actually kind of proud of this one. The next idea is to get clips from the anime and splice it in somehow. I'm watching a 24 episode anime to review right now so it will be a little while before I get that video out. I think everyone goes through an anime phase but I picked it back up and it's been my hobby for years now. The internet is a real boon for finding out about anime so right now is the best time to be an anime fan.
  • [ – ] Milliesmom1963 reply I really like this video! I'm enjoying watching your channel!
  • [ – ] Vickie reply Thanks so much for your support! Great review!
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