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  • [ – ] Fandomlife reply What was your view of the Fantastic Four? I really liked what they were doing and the they got their powers and it went to crap :)
    • FrameByFrame parent reply Honestly, I thought Trank's Fantastic Four film was pretty good aside from a few flaws up until the point where the words "ONE YEAR LATER" appear on the screen. From there, it is super apparent to me how the studio overtook the director's creative vision/choices.
  • Fandomlife reply I really like this film but I always find it hard to find d others that do. I think the found footage approach puts people off.
  • FrameByFrame reply @abitgritty Actually no. But rather because I really like Max Landis's creative brain haha. I've loved this film for a while, and when most of my friends told me that they hadn't seen it, I knew I had to make a video.
  • abitgritty reply Just found you yesterday and enjoy everything I'm seeing. I pretty much idolize Max Landis, and just have one question: did you make this because Dirk Gently just ended?
  • ultravio1et reply i think this is one of best superhero films
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