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  • [ – ] Politiekman reply "Masculinity needs to be studied from a pro-feminist angle" And there's me thinking everything needs to be studied from a pro-truth angle..
  • GalvanizedDream reply Microsoft word does not know what an echidna is, neither does my browser aparently.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply Are we working under the assumption that MRAs are not human or something? Goddamn, this "study" is stupid
  • JadeJicama reply The.. author IS aware Freud has been roundly discredited, right?
  • ToughFly reply Hide your ignorance with large words. It's the only thing Feminists ever learned in college.
  • Shimeran reply Good on calling out the hypocrisy. The author's penial/anal fixation is really bizarre. The whole bit about the recipient losing said organ honestly sounds insulting to homosexual men.
  • EquallyWorthless reply I can't watch this video. I am so goddamn pissed off. This is like listening to a defense of Nazism and the Holocaust. It's a fucking self-fulfilling prophecy, too, because this article is turning me into one of these angry, frustrated men it's talking about. I'm going to go scream into a pillow.
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