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  • [ – ] jhk reply I know you guys hate hearing it's 'road mapped' but it really is there. We want 'receipts' as much as you do. But the actual engineering team is still pretty small and we have to prioritize features that makes the most impact to the users of the site. Users being both the creators and the viewers of your awesome content. For example, we got couple engineers working tirelessly just improving the viewing experience (buffering, load times, costs, keeping the site up, etc). So believe me when our team is working very hard to deliver on the feature requests. I love the work our communications guys are doing and hope to make their jobs easier by working faster! I know their job is hard because our development speed and prioritize changes as Vidme grows rapidly. So please give them love time to time. Thanks guys for keeping the seat warm! :)
    • Mugiwara_Necoke parent reply this why I love you fam, you always giving us major keys. I appreciate you all, you I do this outta love. you giving us this good reciepts
    • [ – ] itsOnlyRawman parent reply thanks for these receipts now this is how you do it!!! APPRECIATED THIS A LOT!! can we get you on this week on vidme. a little 30 second segmant to say things like this. #Receipts
      • [ – ] duffy parent reply We're planning to do more in future TWAV videos to address community questions more directly. Stay tuned :)
        • itsOnlyRawman parent reply thanks for the response we would love to have TWAV address concerns to those of us that need it. we dont want the humour and stuff to change but including some information like this would help ease our concerns thanks.
  • [ – ] controller1gaming reply Is there a difference from analytics and receipts?? Lol
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Is Tugg Speedman from "Tropic Thunder" reading the road map. I want reciepts like Tyrone Biggums wants cocaine in a can. I'm changing my channel name to Scarce. Than shaving all my facial hair like it was before I hit puberty and starting drama. That is how I will get 4 team picks in a week. Great video guys, this is legit how I'm sure the conversation would go if it ever happened with someone from Vidme.
  • [ – ] Blizznerd reply Sounds you guys got some real beef with Vidme lol
  • [ – ] iiMitor reply "Change my name to JoeySalads" 😂😂😂
  • ADuelGet reply At some point in the future, we will get receipts... 5-7 days later.
  • [ – ] ADuelGet reply @Mugiwara_Necoke and @itsOnlyRawman Tax and Book Keeping Solutions, bruh.
  • itsOnlyRawman reply Receipts is everything!!!! People keep asking us what is receipts. It's everything.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply They can build their own printers? Damn that's tech savvy! So why can't they answer their emails AND their Twitter dms. They haven't even looked at my dms about 5 days ago. Don't work weekends? I'm sorry, this past Saturday they put a video on picks. Someone had to have been there even if it was for a moment. That means if they really want to, they can communicate on the weekend.
    • [ – ] jhk parent reply Our office closes on weekend. Engineers and people do not work, but people are free to work if they'd like. So activity you see are purely voluntary among our coworkers. Some are forced to work on weekends when critical things happen, ie. site going down. Emails and DMs unless super urgent, usually take a backseat until Monday.
      • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply That is understandable. I get that. Really I do. But real question: If someone had the time to put a video on Team Picks then why couldn't they fix the issue of someone having 10 videos on trending at the same time? That, to me, feels like it would be super urgent. Can you understand where I'm coming from at least?
        • [ – ] jhk parent reply Definitely, and thanks for reaching out to us to let us know that there is a problem. My guess is that removing people from trending is still a sensitive issue and requires more coordination than simply making one video a team pick.
          • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Thank you for replying and understanding that this has become an issue that has gotten a bit out of control. I wasn't upset initially about the 10 videos up bc I was told you guys didn't work the weekends. But then I saw a video team picked not even an hour after I sent a twitter message to give you guys a heads up for Monday about the situation. This prevented a lot of other videos from being seen on trending most of the weekend if not the entire weekend. But like I said, thank you for taking the time out to reply back and seeing what's going on. If there's anything we can do to help you make this site better, let us know.
            • [ – ] sarah parent reply I was in charge of Twitter this past week (our social media person was out of town) and I was not working on the weekend. Someone else from the community team was probably on the site casually team picking some videos, so they didn't see your DM. By the time I saw your DM on Monday, it was already too late to do anything about the multiple picks in trending. Sorry for not getting back to you! But rest assured, I actually did let the team know about this issue at this week's Monday meeting (no kidding)! We take your concerns seriously and work hard to make things better. So thank you for bringing this to our attention though, it definitely did not go unnoticed. :)
              • MarzieMalfoy parent reply I do thank you for taking all this into consideration and having a meeting to talk about it. But that leads me into my next question: Why did no one say anything? We need communication. That's why there are rants like these and that's why there's going to keep being rants like these is because we have no idea what is going on. It just would have been a courtousy if you or someone could have simply told me you got the message and what you're planning on doing about it. And not only that, show us that you're doing it instead of leaving me and others like me wondering if we're being ignored. One more point and I'm done for now: Everything that is being said by the staff is pretty much the same thing worded differently. It's PR stuff. It just sounds and feels like you're trying to keep us in the dark. We need more. We want to be talked to like human beings. We are a community and we want to feel like you guys are apart of that as well. Don't get me wrong, Sarah, we love Vidme and we love ...moreyou guys at the staff. That's why we feel so passionately about this. We want to help if we can. What can we do? Thank you for taking the time out to read these comments and replying. If you or anyone else has questions or concerns about what I just said, please feel free to communicate with me through messages (dm or discord it doesn't matter) I'll be happy to talk.
        • itsOnlyRawman parent reply yeah especially when necoke had a video that was right under all them. plus hes anime so he was under them both on trending and anime trending.
      • Mugiwara_Necoke parent reply thank you so much fam, you a real mvp
      • MarzieMalfoy parent reply If you want to talk about this outside the comments, please feel free to let me know and we can Skype or discord or something.
    • [ – ] Mugiwara_Necoke parent reply You asking all the right questions, they can hit us up anytime but they don't for some reason
  • Varrest reply I laughed so hard lololol
  • Kentantino_Esp reply Been saying it lol they have their favorites already.
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