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  • [ – ] Edgewood reply Ahahah, goodness! If that's your nephew, nice to hear him on here! But...gah. Youtube's just getting weirder, it seems. Someone should...'acquire' that teddy and hold it for ransom. Mind, I'm not serious about that!'s a fun thought....
  • Xedd82 reply Suitling was funny, the faces were priceless
  • AceAcer2 reply Another proof that the rating in YT is a little bugged. Adult stuff are showing in the recommended videos because they aren't labeled as "adult" one. YT is too automated and the bots are badly programmed so this kind of stuff is unavoidable unfortunately. As long as YT won't be hiring REAL people to be sure the videos are correctly labeled instead of using bots to do that kids will be exposed to this kind of content. We all know however that YT don't really care about kids since even pedo channels are still up while they should be down. It's not those channels aren't reported, it's YT don't have real people to look at those channels and they won't bother to hire people to be sure this kind of channels aren't showing up on their platform. Also, lets not forget YT is run by a feminist so i guess we can't expect a feminist to at least force this kind of channels to be REALLY restricted to adults only and not show up in the recommendations list of kids as if those were "family-friendly...more". YT needs to be purged of its current personal and hire people with common sense and the safety of children should become their primary priority.
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