The Thing that Stalks the Fields

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  • [ – ] DevinSeviyn reply I did this story on my YouTube channel. I was gonna upload it here, but I think you did it much better. Also... @MrCreepyPasta upvoted you!? Nice!
    • [ – ] Dead_Palette parent reply Thanks for the kind words. Sadly, @MrCreepyPasta doesn't respect creator's rights so I don't respect him. He and his friends have lied about and targeted harassment towards my friend Slimebeast. He's not a good person.
      • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply So is the fact that he's liking your content some form of mockery, or is it him trying to be polite because he knew he done fucked up? lol. Either way. I really love your content. I would love to collab sometime if you'd at all be interested.
        • [ – ] Dead_Palette parent reply No, he's in too deep to admit he's wrong. He's liking my content unaware of how many people don't like him and the narrator community in general. With rare exceptions like this story, I narrate my own stories. Reason being, I don't want someone turning a profit off of my free work. I started narrating out of a need to protect my stories from content thieves like him. Whenever I do narrate a story I didn't write, I do it to prop up the author, not my own inflated ego or my pocket book.
          • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply Hell, I do it for fun. I hear you on narrating your own stories. I personally want to start writing my own material, but venture outside of just horror. If someone, ends up earning some cash and recognition from my stories, all I ask is that said narrators give me a mention(including in the title or description).
            • [ – ] Dead_Palette parent reply Great for you, but other active writers like myself don't feel the same way. I know my worth. If my content is worth using without asking permission(stealing), then it's worth cold hard cash. I can't eat exposure. You may not care about your rights, but at least know them. Many narrators don't even credit authors. More info on that here:
              • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply Not giving credit is bullshit. That's the least someone can do. Also, are you insinuating that because I'm laid back with my work that I don't know my worth? Also, you're right. I can't eat exposure, but it takes time to build something like writing up if you don't have a horseshoe lodged in your ass or your connections are lacking. Exposure will do just fine for me until my one lucky break hits and then I can quit my day job. I'm being laid back and practical.
                • Dead_Palette parent reply Again, if it's worth stealing, it's worth money. So exposure isn't a worthy payment. Cash is. I'm making money right now off narrating my stories and selling my visual artwork. And I got where I am without a one-sided abusive relationship with someone more well known than me. I did it by believing in myself and having the confidence not to quit in the face of a broken Youtube system that hurts the little guy and benefits SEO-whoring like naming yourself "Mr.Creepypasta."
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