10 Most TOXIC Video Game Communities

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  • davidfirth reply Damn. I haven't played TF2 for about 5 years, but I always remember it having a really great community. Shame. Must have declined since it went F2P
  • Directionally_Challenged reply i really love league.. but the people... fuck the people.
  • JustHypeVibe reply Overwatch... Love the game but the community is sometimes out of hand.
  • Skeltorso reply @davidfirth Somewhat. It's kind of leveled off now, but it's no longer a game you can take even remotely seriously without getting pissed off at something. Also they really went all in on the "digital hats are worth money" angle. Sweet vids btw.
  • StayandPlay reply Agreed on all, Destiny has some toxic peeps also
  • [ – ] MY_DIGITAL_DREAMS reply IDK World of Warcraft should be in there
  • kth_ reply DayZ over CoD? Really? I have met some great people in DayZ way less frequently than in CoD.
  • ThePhantom reply I think the worst fanbases are: CSGO GTA5 kids COD kids Minecraft kids Sony fanboys
  • IAmMute reply Got to agree with a lot of these entries
  • ruskinhood reply I've been a gta guy almost my entire life. Definitely would have included the grand theft auto community. great video dude!
  • VikingTheMad reply Tf2? Seriously? What're we calling trolling, doing something that isn't the meta? I've been playing tf2 since 2011 and the most toxic members nowadays are the people in the new casual servers filled with 'pro' stompers who just spam binds. Hell I see more people trying to teach new players than scold them, just a matter of so many of said noobs don't know when they're being talked to.
  • girlreadingbooks reply DOTA2 - absolutely! After putting 2k hours into Dota 2 I can totally attest to this. I ended up switching to LoL, and it actually seems nicer :/
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