Westerns - Nostalgia, Personal History & Series Announcement

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  • [ – ] flighttracks reply Hello! It's nice to see someone who is into westerns, especially with a modern twist. I am a lover of American Classic Westerns. I grew up with "all things western." For you to REALLY APPRECIATE classic American Westerns, I recommend you watch Winchester 73' with the late great Jimmy Stewart. The movie was shot entirely in black and white, no color. This movie is a snapshot of another time when acting and story lines were spectacular. I own the collector's edition of this movie. Watch it and I guarantee you will one day own it too! Great Channel! Thanks! FlightTracks
    • ROPname parent reply Cool man! Thank you for the recommendation. A 1950 movie... will def watch it. I love to watch old movies too, especially with all these remakes :)
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