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  • XhoXhuXhamen reply I live for the day that I can see 'The Traitors' put up against The Wall!
  • mattytripps reply Wow! I support Hungary and Poland
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply That creep Soros is one ugly bastard - inside and out!
  • [ – ] Caesar0031 reply I'm not a very adventurous person and fleeing my own country feels kind of weak, however Hungary is looking better day by day.
  • [ – ] kalringo reply Hungary, I love you, but stop wearing the rouge. You’re better looking without it.
  • Belarus-Chan reply Post-Modernism shuns anyone who dares peek outside the echo chamber, Orban was immediately called a dictator by the US after he talked with Putin on pipelines.
  • [ – ] hanes reply I cannot believe this is happening to Europe and Britain. It is so saddening and maddening. I think the damage can be reversed, but I don't know if the people have the stomach for what it would take. I do.
    • XhoXhuXhamen parent reply Sadly, I believe you're correct. I would say that at least 60% of Europeans and Scandinavians are pacifistic by nature. And thus is the reason why this bullshit is happening to their nations.
  • PretzelPreservus reply Orban and Kurz are the only sane politicians left in europe. But even after the election Merkel still hasn't understood what she did wrong. Even worse: She still thinks she didn't do anything wrong. Without Orban the Balkan route would still be open. But instead of thanking Orban for correcting her mistakes Merkel demonises him for it. Fuck Merkel.
  • Djangles_LeVaughn reply I can feel the stronkness resonating from those "rogue" countries.
  • Black_Tower reply I call it RESOLUTE HOPE!
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Thanks for coming aboard BPS. You are an Excellent addition to the platform.
  • Joe_Somebody reply Always glad to see the Eastern Part of Europe rejecting this globalist nonsense, I guess given their track record of being bullied by various other nations since WW1 its not surprising.
  • TheSeagullSays reply I hope the East can stay strong. I am ashamed of what has been allowed to happen to Europe. We must speak out or we are as guilty as those who are facilitating the destruction of our continent.
  • Eurocentric reply Poland and Hungary have a very rich culture, history and I'm worried that mass migration from Western Europeans could destroy that. If we can ensure full integration (we can't), I don't know how much I support this.. it's also somewhat cowardly. No offence to those of Western Europe, really...
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I do believe the US has embraced (at least in my own echo chamber) the Hungarian perspective of intolerance of the intolerant.
  • [ – ] tkuhner reply This channel is constantly putting out useful information and history. Amazing how Youtube doesn't reward channels like this??? Instead of demonetizing etc...
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Catalonia Referendum Passes, but Spain Will Not Recognize It: My Thoughts
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Open Society Foundation location in Edmonton, AB strange there was a terrorist attack in Edmonton and then Turdeau come out the NEXT day and talks about Whiter Supremacy as it is Trudeau that is funding this Foundation and another of his close friends that runs it. Turdeau has also called Soros his friend.
    • Balkanian parent reply expand (possible spam) but i respect their migrant policies but i dont respect their sick man attitude IF THEY WANT LAND BACK COME AND GET IT NOT SIT THERE AND BE LIKE PUSSIES AND ACT LIKE THE DAMN MUSLIMS THAT CAME HERE DONT ACT AS YOUR ENEMY
  • Joi_stein reply Yes, XhoXhuXhamen he looks like the evil Emperor in Star Wars, LOL
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