The Cost of The Gerson Therapy

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  • [ – ] SamDovah reply Where do you get this information? I want to see the study(s) and who funded it/them because I smell some major BS here. One thing I can confirm is organic has way less pesticides in them. So there's at least one difference. Not to offend you or anyone just saying.. Peace
    • Bowlerhatman parent reply the biggest lie you are told is that organic industry uses no pesticides but thay use more than a non organic farm. the best info source to start with is Penn & Teller: Bullshit! thy do one that shows all the info you need its a good starting point
  • [ – ] SamDovah reply There are differences in organic produce and non organic. I don't know where you got the idea that there is no difference? U lost me bro.
    • Bowlerhatman parent reply there is No difference you eats a organic banana for a week then eat non organic for a week there is no difference nutrition wise same for all the only difference is organic costs more
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