Kitchen Day 5 Trump's Wall, Build The Wall, 100 Days, Dana Perino on Bill O'Reilly at FOX, Tax Cuts ...

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  • fancyfig reply one thing to be wary of is that media outlets including fox will often manufacture controversies to keep viewership up between news cycles. one of the ways they do that is by bringing on guests and "contributors" who are known to be unreasonable or argumentative, prod them into lying, accusing, or generally freaking out, and treating that as news that requires its own panels and interviews and reporting. vitriol and anger counts more towards news and viewership than real conversations do, so ideas don't get very good representatives on these networks.
  • S-Miles reply I hope you're right... to be honest, in the last few weeks I became more and more bewildered about Trump...
  • Hparr24311 reply Samd With you man im only 11 but i love your videos so much
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Not too negative. Gotta get stuff off your chest! This is video therapy! When the world drives you crazy you have to vent somewhere. Being president, Trump represents our hopes and dreams for creating a better world. So when others attack him, it's like they are attacking our hopes and dreams. So it feels bad. On the positive side, you chiseled a big hole in that cement. That must've taken awhile. Your persistence is paying off. Thanks for the report!
    • Charlton parent reply FPP you are the best. It is therapy, I've thought that same thing. Thank you. And thanks for the hole encouragement. I need it. I got til Monday morning to open up some more and get the rest ready for the workers coming to get started, fixing plumbing, rebuilding floor, etc. Thanks dude. charlton
  • [ – ] Hparr24311 reply And People That Are watchin Charlton Make To Follow Him He's A Great Guy😀
  • Hparr24311 reply Hope Other People Would Inspire You
  • [ – ] Hparr24311 reply Awesome Video Man Keep Up The Good Work Bro
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