July Favorites {2017}

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  • [ โ€“ ] JustABloke reply I agree, I watched a few @IndigoStars vidme videos. The 1st one I watched I was totally confused. I've never heard of this ASMR but you know what, the person behind the videos has a great personality that anyone can warm up to and can enjoy the content.
  • [ โ€“ ] TimBabblehump reply I love the idea of having a big video of your favourite things each month :D It's awesome! Gotta love the spicy food XD I'm fairly certain my body is made up of 50% spice and 50% sugar by this point :D Thanks for the kind words and shoutout and I shall endeavor to keep up the same level of craziness in my videos.
  • [ โ€“ ] IndigoStars reply Thanks for the shoutout! :D ASMR IS weird, but I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff :3
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