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  • [ – ] DoobelS reply Hahahaha, wow, this is so weird to watch today. Everything has improved so much! Cool video, dude :)
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply The Kids' Guide to the Internet is such a classic. :D
  • PutingPating reply Funny vid man. The internet seemed so "innocent" back then.
  • Mad_Matt_Inc reply Add on since I got further in. Nick at Night was an old set up for Nickaloden where they would air older shows that adults could watch, with the assumption that kids were in bed by like 8 or 9. Latter it went off to it's own Channel called TV Land, and that was a thing in the States from the late 90's till the early 2010's.
  • Mad_Matt_Inc reply Yes DOS, we use it to find... "Cat" videos. God these people were out of touch for even the 90's. So weird. Even weirder that they had a series of this junk going.
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