Boobs in The thumbnail (What has Youtube Become)

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  • [ – ] Everything_Animated reply Yeah. YouTube has become nothing more then a money grubbing corporate system which doesn't care about smaller channels like ours. That's why I quit YouTube and moved here. At least this place feels like how YouTube used to be. Thanks for the follow BTW
    • [ – ] KingCoz parent reply i know ya feel bro I just switched over to vidme because people copyrighted year old videos and which was leading up to a strike soon or later youtube is just worried about making money it is just turning to crap so i rather just make some content here where the biggest channel on here have 200 followers unless your david seaman. I just want to make content for where people will actaully see it and enjoy my content that us as creators put hours into editing and coming up with content this website is sure going to help us grow as people and as entertainer
      • Everything_Animated parent reply Amen to that. Every time I got a strike on my channel I did the whole wait 3 months bullshit then almost immediately another video would get striked and taken down and I'd have another strike on my channel. I say Youtube can have it cause over here at Vidme I'm myself and not living in constant fear.
  • KingCoz reply This is an older video my new content will be coming up sometime today
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