Trump Reportedly Considers Guliani and Cruz for AG

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  • peacey reply All politicians need to be at least a little bit slimy... as long as their main purpose is for the betterment of our citizens. Kinda like Trump; slimy - yes, but at least he's "on the side of the people". You are NOT too skinny, because your brain still works and you look perfectly like yourself. Please don't take away our spoonclanks lol!
  • cornhole01 reply I always have always liked Guliani, I dont know why other than he cleaned up Times Square.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Lol yeah i dont blame you man it would be fricken sweet to have you as a senator but ... brêh i wouldn't do that to you. It's prolly better to just have you commentating and changing minds that way than to become a politician.
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