5 CRAZY EX Encounters

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  • Abandoned_Places_Urbex reply Really digging the videos great job!
  • Superluigi248 reply by the way, story 2 is mine.
  • Superluigi248 reply I still have nightmares about ny crazy ex-girlfriend everytime i stumble across this video, weather its here, or on youtube. Im just glad that imnopenly gay now.
  • [ – ] WynautWarrior reply This just makes me glad that I'm asexual.
    • [ – ] Superluigi248 parent reply EMBRACE that part of you. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Im gay, and im not afraid or ashamed to admit that to anyone.
      • [ – ] WynautWarrior parent reply You stay that way bro! ;)
        • [ – ] Superluigi248 parent reply of course i will. Im just scared about the fact that i heard my crazy ex girlfriend is moving back to my hometown, and that she is coming back to my school. Im scared because im afraid she will go completely ballistic if she finds out im gay.
          • WynautWarrior parent reply Just try not to talk to her or make contact with her. If she does do something insane, let someone know or let your parents/guardian know.
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