My Experience on Youtube (so far)

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  • SharkPlaysGames reply well, you can make some good friends here on Vidme :D
  • [ – ] Lypstick reply One question, why do you draw yourself so.... flat chested?
  • RampagingRice reply I watch Jaiden on YT all the time already, so it's nice that she's here as well
  • Nooter reply I'm gonna cash in on vidme before it blows up too much
  • [ – ] nodetact reply The way she ignores her haters on YouTube is equally how she treats Vidme more like a take backsie of every single time she praises whatever can be made out of YouTube ("but nodetact, she mentions that she overcomes her struggles and even learns from the negative!" YES THAT IS MY POINT LOOK AT THIS VIDEO ON THE FEW YEARS OLD BRAND NEW ALTERNATIVE VIDEO HOSTING PLATFORM DO YOU SEE THE IRONY HERE?) and yet while i cannot find it in myself to blame her for having imperfections and other mournful characteristics, there is so much she could do at that point: "Vidme, please buy me time to support my main channel for now." "Vidizens, while I animate on YouTube, what should my Vidme do?" "Diagnoseer @nodetact, you're the last person to have all this crap." Likeable role models and approaching experiences with the arts deserves respect always, but for some reason, when it's YOUR burden to carry your interests in the right hands, all you do is play soccer with them over the rest of your body. ...moreThis must never be me.
  • rdapdan reply Lol.. great stuff. What brought you over to I have a YouTube channel that's a few years old. Nowhere near your size, but I love it none the less. Any advice for a small timer?? 😁
  • Warpedfilms reply I like these videos, and the things you mention in this one like getting over hate comments is really helpful to other people that don't always think highly of themselves. Well maybe I'm not people, I'm pretty sure I'm only technically an adult.
  • Draise reply And I am grateful you have published to Vidme too.
  • normalguy reply How ironic that this is on vidme
  • DjHasThaSwag reply this is so funny
  • Wyrmis reply everynight i can feel my legs
  • Roamancing reply Good advice on dealing with the commentary, both constructive and ridiculous.
  • Roamancing reply Cool. I had no idea that YouTube did that.
  • ForwardDog reply man, i love your artstyle....
  • Fenrox_ reply yee :D *toast*
  • [ – ] EplxPro reply My 1st YouTube video was of a Dancing dot named blue. my animation sucked and guess what it still does.
    • TheVideoGamingChannel parent reply My 1st ever YouTube video (now deleted) was like this: 1. Open Paint.NET and use the default 800x600 resolution. Use Paint Bucket tool with the default color, Black. 2. Open Windows Movie Maker 2012 with the new .png file you just made. Leave it at the default 7 seconds. Click Save project while leaving it at the default 1920*1080 resolution. 3. Upload with the title "Black" and no description. 2 years later (2015): The first comment. Pcgamer2000: Are you serious?
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