July Winner of Steam Game!

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  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Tsk... Next time I will win for sure!! Hahahahah :D Congratulations and go go @TheBrewMonks :)
  • LoreReloaded reply Congratulations to @BLAZINOAH for winning, watch it all the way through to see how you could be entered to be inserted into the pot up to 3 times..
  • [ – ] nodetact reply >says he'll check out my videos after commenting to my referral >quickly announces the raffle winners for any monthly pc games >convinces me to follow his channel before my own rushed video The last thing I registered with my old Gmail was a Steam account that already has Castle Crashers from a bundle my brother shared with me and my other brothers, and on top of that I'm trying to navigate my new Gmail very carefully, especially when on YouTube. Basically, maybe I could play these games if I ever won them, but domino effects dictate that I could essentially wind up loosing my Vidme channel (if Vidme doesn't find a way to reregister email accounts to their video hosting platform, like how I reregistered my PayPal's email account from Yahoo to Outlook) because I used the new Gmail to sign up to Vidme as Diagnoseer @nodetact! I'm not getting far ahead of myself and am being really melodramatic, am I?
    • [ – ] LoreReloaded parent reply I'll admit I am a bit confused.. I do drawings monthly so you'll still be in the running from month to month :) If you can't do steam..we can try to figure something out
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply You seem pretty Vidme dedicated, as you mentioned writing scripts for what you say and do on these videos, as well as when you intend to upload them (a lot of us do this, both the easy and hard stuff), so here are a few bullet points to hopefully grab you to speed: -First and foremost, YouTube did its first Google account temporary banning on a big content creator since implementing this effect August 1st, 2017. The non-informed intention of this occurrence scares anyone on Google Chrome, Android devices and even the search engine that at any given moment they could loose a vast majority (if not everything) of their functionality from them. -I actually do like to play video games even though I'm too strictly professional for my own good, but PC games from Steam is a perfect integration, as it looks as if I'm playing flash games all over again (childhood favorite format of gaming, as seen in my channel's second upload), and in fact if I win and choose the $10 gift card instead of an a...morectual game, I'll probably spend it on Scriptwelder's "Don't Escape 4: Trapped in a Wasteland", seeing as it is his first non-flash game as an independent developer. I'd have to get out of my shell sometime soon, thanks to you Vidizens! -Ideas for other things to be rewarded? So far, I innocently figure you could offer me things that don't involve money, such as a video tribute or a collaboration between channels. P.S. Some of your other video topics seem unfortunately lukewarm in fan base terms in my opinion, but if it helps, at least some mainstream shows I know have been on hiatus!
        • LoreReloaded parent reply I'm a Lore Reloaded (The brand) committed.. I'm a Vidme advocate. I have a presence on Youtube and Vidme. Though I make different content for both. You don't have to win for us to do a collaboration. I'll collaborate with most anyone ;) Though if you prefer a tribute video If (/when?) you win.. that's doable to. Which Video topics seem lukewarm to you? I focus on Lore solely.. some lore is more liked then others..its a learning process for sure.
  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply lol What's the chances of Duffy winning!? lol Congratulations to @BLAZINOAH. Awww man! This is why I love Vidme right here. The Brew Monks drinks to you tonight LoreReloaded!
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Congrats Blazinoah and hey, nice move Duffy. Lore, in the unlikely event that I actually get drawn can you do a redraw please as I don't play a lot of games and don't have a Steam account. 🙄😨
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply "and the winner iiiiis..... Duffy." i LOLed
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