Criticisms of @Sargon_of_Akkad and @Lauren_Southern on Civics and Citizenship Analysis

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  • CommissarCuckold reply also holy shit, likening starving kids in africa to a WEDDING CATERING SERVICE is mental gymnastics in full force
  • CommissarCuckold reply im fucking disgusted with this "enlightened skeptic's™" way of thinking. oh hey its a private owned business but they SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED to carry out their operation how they want. and way to be an actual living breathing fedora with that whole HURR RELIGION IS SHIT FUCK YOUR RELIGION.
  • Sharpwing reply Let these discriminatory people feel free to do whatever they want with their businesses I say. It's better than having them give a broken product or taint your food. People that refuse to do their job period? Yeah they should be fired.
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