👻 I Saw A Shadow Figure In My Room! 👻 - Paranormal Experience 2014

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  • [ – ] OrionKing reply Shadow people are very creepy...yet interesting. Great video!!
  • [ – ] Starseed reply Sleep Paralysis is very common, It happens to us a lot more then we think And when you said Out of body experince, i have had one of those myself. Maybe one day I will talk about it on my channel xD.
    • ParaGirlStories parent reply I hope you do xx I don't think this was a case of sleep paralysis, I was completely awake, it's not that I couldn't move, I simply didn't want to because I knew that If I took my eyes off of it then it would have gone xx
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply Shadow people are so freaky. My son claims he saw one in his room one night.
    • [ – ] ParaGirlStories parent reply :O Tell me more about it! This experience was freaky but it didn't harm me in any way x
      • spookyboo parent reply It wasn't much. He was going to sleep then I heard him yelling for mom, which is weird because he's a big strong football player at 16 years old. I went in and he said he saw a black figure across the room with red eyes. It looked like it had a hat and looked like its body was a swirling mass of black gas in the shape of a man. He said he thought it was his brother playing a joke on him at first, but it came closer and left when he called my name.
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