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  • [ – ] silverdragon reply Dragon ball should really have ended after namek.
    • [ – ] Shionkenobi parent reply Cell Saga had some good things, but Buu was a almost total shitfest; Super is worse than GT- and GT was a shiiit...
      • [ – ] crzyboy190 parent reply The Cell Saga is worst due to Its time travel nonsense.
        • ltmarks parent reply I'd argue the Buu saga would be the worst simply because the Cell Saga actually ended on a decent note- the Buu saga was literally just Toryiama being forced to prolong the series and it ruined said 'theme'. Character design was undoubtedly the worst in the series at that point too. Also, SSJ3 is dumb and everyone knows it. At least SSJ2 was foreshadowed with everyone but Gohan gaining their own 'version' of SSJ2, ending with Gohan showing his true potential and the 'real' SSJ2. A good complaint about the Cell saga wouldn't be it's time travel either- it would be the fact that, hell even Vegeta mentions this, that Super Saiyan is handed out to every Saiyan, and it's worse in the Buu saga. I'd say the Cell Saga is when the Super Saiyan transformation was turned more-so into a gimmick, and SSJ2 being discovered among characters being something near a plot device. But of course, I think this is all subjective. If DBZ ended after the Frieza saga it would probably have been better. (Actua...morelly my real opinion is that DBZ in its entirety was pretty shitty and it dealt a sore blow to the fans of the original series, and everything Dragonball stood for.)
  • OmegaEXE reply This is why Steel Ball Run is a perfect example of realism. Toriyama clearly doesn't care ATM of whatever happens to super. He collects his share and calls it a day. Goku is basically a dumber character and is not the same as he was before. Its an obvious cash grab but the fans still praise it because reasons
  • [ – ] awsomeboy360 reply Toriyama should have ended his franchise after the Frieza saga. It probably wouldn't have been as popular, but at least it would have been a quality shounen.
    • bastek66 parent reply Toriyama doesn't even give a shit about what writers do in Super. He just gets his checks every month.
  • Gambchon reply sadly the anime and manga industy incentivizes long running mediocre series rather than those that can end
  • RangerMV reply I think that the most obvious rewrite of Goku was in late part of Buu saga. During the events with Z sword, it felt like Goku stopped being completely moron and instead he became mouthpiece for Toriyama to troll other characters,
  • [ – ] Jon_Snow reply Toriyama is a filthy sell out. He's not true to his work like Araki
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