Vote Statehood: I Hope Puerto Rico Petitions to Become the 51st State

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  • GarvakD reply I definitely agree on incorporating both Puerto Rico and Guam as states. I agree like crazy about the split of California. I'd consider moving to the state of Jefferson if it becomes a reality; definitely on the list of potentials. They crawl ever closer to getting the requirements and it would definitely benefit the republicans. Snatch away some of the power the democrats have in elections, help out a right leaning populace that doesn't even want to be associated with the rest of California and is represented awfully within the state itself, as well as help the republicans gain some edge in elections themselves or just balance out whatever Puerto Rico brings to the table if it does go left.
  • I3UTM reply For the most part, going back to 1984, Puerto Rico has been voting a moderate Republican in the Republican Primary for U.S. Presidential elections. The Republicans could capitalise on this and if not, it would be a golden opportunity for Libertarians, since you said yourself, you were a Libertarian at one point. The opportunity for job growth, exporting / importing natural resources, and exchange of cultural and social ideas is just to great to ignore. Admitting P.R. as the 51st state would definitely shore up strained relations of LatinX in this country. The U.S. should not have territories at all. We should either have sovereign states or make them countries themselves. I would also make the case for Puerto Rico to be an independent country as written here in this article:
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply We would have to change the flag, that would cost a lot of money
  • [ – ] DJLupy reply If they are smart they will wait until after the oompa loompa is out of office.
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply or the democrats arrive to kidnap their children for rape and then give their body parts to soros and the podesta's eat their brain.
  • inops reply Absolutely not. Puerto Rico is never going to go Republican; the reason they're in so much of a mess currently is because of their massive government spending and I don't see the population treating statehood as anything other than a way of continuing that, with increased funding. Two democratic extra senators, and ~1 democratic representative (likely lobbed off one of the red states) would arise from statehood. Cuban exiles and their descendants are of the island's upper classes who had their property seized, completely different to the entire strata of PC. Trump should consider forcing independence on Puerto Rico, if anything.
  • avanlmaas reply The Republican slim majority in the U.S. Senate make PR statehood difficult at this point in time.
  • Chris2theJ reply You raise some good points
  • Cryptonymus reply Democrats would love to see Puerto Rico descend into a crime state. Democrats always equate to crime.
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