Quick Climb | Episode 5 | Night climb! Getting into an office building from the roof!

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  • [ – ] Mountainghost556 reply You got some sick taste in music.
  • [ – ] DrMorq reply I am old and dont generally like rap or hip hop or much spoken word but... this is pretty cool.. maybe because at heart I would like to play piano much better than I do, more like my dad who was top shelf... all that being said Are you not worried that maybe you are not the only ones who have a camera? In this day and age you can hide a camera with a pinhole.. and so these places might be recording you... Again maybe because I am old and see things in a different way because I did much of the same things you do but it was over 40 years ago and we didnt have cameras. Nowdays.. I know that there could be cameras recording every step I take out of my home.. My home is the only place I am guaranteed to have privacy.. Outside is always in the public and so I act like my dad is watching all the time... Check out my vids!!
    • [ – ] Psyclone parent reply Yeah its a worry of ours, we check for cameras in every room we enter just in case, but most places dont check their cameras unless something looks out of place in their building. So we basically just make sure we leave it how it was before we entered haha, thank you so much!
      • MUMS-Universe parent reply Good advice from @DrMorq & hidden pinhole cameras are becoming more common. @Psyclone, you're right that most places probably don't check their CCTV recordings unless they received a silent alarm or something looks out of place but some do spot check their vids or run them at high-speed playback to ensure after-hours staff, cleaning services, maintenance, etc... are not up to anything shady & they would see that you were there.
  • Jaketm31 reply So sick seeing your perspective Tbh!
  • c4pillow reply Hey I'm in this c;
  • [ – ] houstonhowl reply you guys are nuts
  • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Badass. I used to climb up on grocery store roofs and throw stuff off the roof just for kicks. Ha.
  • [ – ] DayOneMinecraft reply Oh man, I was hoping you'd do so pivothead recording / first person filming on a climb. Nice!
  • [ – ] topheradams reply The adrenalin rush would be too much for me to handle. I'm impressed.
  • [ – ] YungJ reply I would've been sketched out if my friend joined the adventure walking around with a mask on lol
  • TheAttempters reply Ah a good old b and E
  • [ – ] comfortronx reply I got that tingling feeling again at 2:58 with the metal roof. Too slippery for me, lol!
  • Excell reply Well, thanks for upvoting my recent upload.
  • [ – ] Excell reply Psyclone, thanks for liking my recent upload.
  • [ – ] HeyAYEron reply Good exploring and music.
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Now I am going to have to edit the shout out video I am uploading
  • MUMS-Universe reply That is one of the wildest ones yet! Man once you all were inside & I saw the ID badge scanners next to the doors (the little rectangular boxes w/ the red LED), I was like NOOOOO, do not close the door behind you because if all those doors have them & the 1 you enter through does as well, you would be trapped (with no way for you to scan the reader for access through the door). Simply wild!!!
  • Excell reply Can you help me get Verified on my account please?
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