#RegressiveNews: 16th of May 2017

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  • EsotericKuvirist reply Snowflake test sounds awesome. Good job Mr. Reyes.
  • [ – ] Game_Idea_Guy1 reply So...they are planning to tell children that they are transgendered and that they should change themselves to change without getting the consent of their parents on the matter. Do they not realize that there are some boys who may be effeminate while they are younger but grow up to be very masculine men when they are older? And the opposite is also true of little girls. These people are so focused on labeling and changing any and everything that they don't see they are causing so much damage and will be very discriminatory themselves. And they want a child to make life decisions without understanding what that could mean for them down the line? I feel for people in Australia having this happen and it not requiring them to even have the chance to talk to their kids about it before a drastic choice can be made. I feel worse knowing that it could possibly travel to other countries for this to be possible as well.
    • Game_Idea_Guy1 parent reply Up top that should say "that they should change themselves to be "who they are" without getting the consent of their parents" I was typing too fast.
  • Ravaging_Madman reply Gotta make this kind of tests to weed out Marxist ideologues as well. SPECIALLY for schools and universities.
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply Right to property? WHAT'S THAT?
  • JadeJicama reply Liking the personality test, shuddered massively at the thought of teaching kids about transitioning even before they understand they're different from other kids their age, and 'Prioritizing' Black students? Some races are more equal than others, it would seem.
  • blazedu reply i wish every company applied the snowflake test.
  • Jimthethird reply I like the idea of having a snowflake test for most jobs. Not so much for particular political views, but to see how people defend their point of views and how they feel about people who think differently than them.
  • blazedu reply these primary school teachers are criminals. Encouraging sex change and even go behind parents's decisions? these people would have been arrested a decade ago. Beware australian parents.
  • ItsAGundam reply Born Native, so America isn't on good terms with me.
  • YamiryuuZero reply -1:15 If you're "prioritizing" certain students, then you're not treating them equally - by your own words, you do not advocate for equality, asshole!
  • freerangehobo reply When I was 9 years old, I neighbor friend was a tomboy who went by the name "Mike". I grew up believing she would eventually be outed as a lesbian. Ten years later, I caught up with her only to be surprised by her femininity, beauty and motherhood. Childhood is a period of transition, where self realization is a process affected by positive any negative inputs. Who's to say whether "Mike" grew into "Michelle" was a result of positive input from her parents or her own basic desire to have a normal family based on her own self awareness if being a normal female. Tell a lie over and over to a child, will likely guide that child into adulthood. At an age where sexuality means nothing, it's nothing less than child abuse to confuse them with such Marxist BS as gender choices. What a fearful future for kids if we fall to reign this atrocious beast in NOW!
  • Spearra reply "To stop kids who enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes". First off, they're fucking kids for crying out loud so chances are if they're dicks to each other they (originally) usually just shrugged it off. Same thing with racism. Kids just see colors, they don't give a fuck about the nitty gritty because they don't innately have it. Which is why kids off all races form play groups early in life. But the moment they're taught about racism, those originally diverse groups are now divided by race. Goddamn these people shooting themselves in the foot doing exactly what they supposedly hate, which is teaching kids how to label/judge other people based on their forcefully placed labels. I remember back in the day when I was a kid searching shit on the internet and seeing how stupid people can be. As a kid I thought it was just the internet trolling as all, but as I grew older I realized, "Oh shit people really are stupid". While I knew stupid people existed, my younger self could not ha...moreve foreseen to what extent they existed. And it is insanely depressing to see society essentially self destruct and blame it on somebody else, which for this era that would be the supposed "white supremacist sexist male patriarchy". Shit if we live in this supposed "white supremacist sexist male patriarchy", its gotta be the most diverse regime I've ever seen. A shitload of women in the higher up jobs of varying colors, more women graduating than men, and hell of a lot much more politically powerful (they can scream rape and racist and fuck up your life immediately and realistically you cannot undo the damages besides straight up dying, speaking of which, those suicide rates in men rising are no coincidence). My apologies, this continual Clown Fiesta Oppression Olympic Games over these last couple years are just stacking up on my mind hard. With the sad part being that their bullshit actually effects us. Though on the bright side, looks like Summer is coming to the job market and hopefully we can keep those snow flakes to a minimal! Hopefully there's more light than that in the end of this tunnel though, because the direction the world is heading in, is extremely depressing and alarming. And the guilty aren't even aware that they are the cause. We did it, we reached a point where movies, shows, anime, they all don't have shit on the calamity that is the real world. Characters in those medias legit seem like tolerable and normal in comparison. Considering they're suppose to be exaggerations of people, and they aren't exaggerated enough. That speaks volumes to me on all levels. In a way it is pretty funny to see how make believe seems more sane than the real world. Like deadass, "exaggerated characters" are just "characters" now. Lastly, in addition to all of this, Generation Z caught on to the bullshit and seem to be taking measures. If this comment is dug up in the future by one of them, I am so damn sorry for the shitty hand of cards we've dealt you. Hope for the best of yall, in the meantime, I'll attempt to do mine to try to get yall some better cards because the current just won't do. Holy shit, I apologize again. I had to get that off my chest. I feel lighter now. Now, time to get back to living my life how I wanted (much to the mainstream media's dismay as people being happy with their lives is apparently unacceptable to them, no wonder Gen Z wants them to fuck off). Godspeed yall!
  • [ – ] kronstadt1921 reply The pasty, ginger-headed, creep-face cartoon is a perfect match for the douche voice associated with it.
  • Insanemad reply I knew this shit would happen soon
  • blindfire reply Australia has a Sex Party in their political realm, sex is almost trivial in that country. You shouldn't be surprised at what comes next when you reduce sex to a form of entertainment. I don't understand why the German people are putting up with their government. How far can they be pushed before the people push back?
  • [ – ] GradVM reply National socialism in full bloom again in Germany - I will have to kill Germans again... We've made a big mistake: not sending them all to Madagascar...
  • Muddywaters reply Snowflake testing has likely been in play quietly for awhile. Eugenics is a key component of this retarded action in Victoria which is where most Australia's indoctrinated live. This fits a global pattern of social disintegration that can be seen being implemented on many fronts. These apparently stupid actions are not happening accidentally.
  • PirateMonkE reply I can't wait till these people graduate from school and enter the real world, only to realize the real world doesn't give a shit about your feelings.
  • I_amstewie reply I can't believe we've shit all over MLK as much as we have in Universities
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