Devastating Bad News #163 Ducks & Winter 2016-17

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  • DakotaWindsRabbitry reply Matt I posted this on the youtube channel but not sure if you will see it as easy there with all the traffic......"Matt, just saw this and I am sorry you are having to go through this. I had to go through the same thing with my dog Annie only the mass cell tumor was in her milk glands as far back under her back legs as you can get. Surgery was not an option due to its location and genital parts affected. From the time I first noticed (pea sized) to when I was able to get her in (a month and was the size of a unshelled walnut) it was fast growing and further testing was not advised by the vet as she said for as fast as it grew it was on the high end of the classification range. We did opt to put her on prednisone to try and get it to shrink enough to allow for the surgery and looked like it was working at about 25 days in but around 45 days it exploded open within a 16 hr period. We had to say goodbye to her. So I understand the fear and heartache you are experiencing right now. I know ...moredug is otherwise a strong and healthy dog, and I am thankful that at least if he had to get it it is in a better spot then we had to deal with. I hope you can feel the hug I am mentally sending your way, if I was near enough it would a physical hug in support of what you are going through. I have faith that dug will be fine and the culture will come back for a low end classification. If you would like to talk please please feel free to email me at" So please take a deep breath and calm down, Dug will be ok!! Take care of yourself also so you don't relapse please.
  • Luella2u reply I'm so sorry about Dug. Sending prayer for you both and the ducks.
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