Skyrim Special Edition: Tutorial - How to level Alchemy to 100 FAST

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  • Lefthandshake reply Another super valuable potion you can make is a Potion of Waterbreathing made with Salmon Roe + Garlic + Nordic Barnacles. Salmon Roe is actually even better than Giant's Toe for increasing the value of potions. It also has a stronger effect than other ingredients that have the Waterbreathing property. You can get Salmon Roe by catching/killing salmon that are swimming up waterfalls. The area around Riverwood is a good place to look. You can also get it by killing salmon with a shout or frost magic. The area around Solitude docks is a really good place to go for this. If you own Windstad Manor, you can put some salmon roe in your fishing hatchery and farm it. The reason I didn't mention this in the video is that it doesn't work if you have the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. You can still make decent potions with Salmon Roe, but they won't be anywhere near as valuable. Like I've said before, I absolutely recommend using this patch even though it removes some exploits you m...moreight want to use. It fixes so many problems and bugs. If you're on PS4 however, the patch is unavailable due to Sony's restrictions.
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