Why I Don't Play Horror Games

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, I hear ya. The real world is scary enough. Good choice.
  • [ – ] Kimota reply I've a fascination with Silent Hill 4, I never finished it, but I don't exactly like horrors games, not interested in their mechanics, gameplays, or stories, at least not anymore, I don't want to feel anything related to fear these days,, the last one that I've played and ended was The Witch house, I love and hate that game after I get the two ends, and searched for info, I don't want to play anymore any thing like that, but I do love and probably never forget how it made me felt such a simple thing made in RPG Maker, one hour long at best.
    • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply I do appreciate the stories of horror game,s but I cannot play them rip. Although only an hour for witch house doesn't sound bad...
      • [ – ] Kimota parent reply I can understand it happened almost the same to me, but in those days I was interested in them, Whitch's House is an indie game on RPG Maker, the story starts very simple you are a little girl, Viola, that has awake in the woods with a letter from his father(warning her about not going alone), she realized that her route is blocked by giant roses so she ventured to the Witch House, "She soon discovers the dangerous nature of this house and must find a way to get out alive. But the house changes - constantly and, death could be lurking anywhere... " After that is where the game really starts, japanese freeware but fan translated, is a pure exploration of the house as the revelations come out little by little as the lore gets heavier, pixel art like style, if you are good with puzzles it should last one hour long at best, it last me two because I'm bad at puzzles. There are four ends, but only two are what matters, the normal ending and the true ending. If you are not interested in horr...moreor games, maybe you should watch a gameplay, after all I think is more like an experience. You choose.
        • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply Imma look at it and either play it or watch it, thanks for the recommendation!
          • [ – ] Kimota parent reply You are welcome, if you need help finding the game I can lend you a link, I also must warn you again of the experience itself, but it has a good learning curve. And even if you play it or not, it makes you realize the potential of indie games.
            • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply I LOVE indie games! I did find it and might play it!
              • [ – ] Kimota parent reply Great! my favorites are Cave Story, Shovel Knight, Undertale, Axiom Verge and Touhou Project as a whole, because they have so much love put by one person(ZUN) and he keeps mastering his games.
                • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply I loved playing undertale and I thunk im gonna get shovel knight for my switch soon, and yeah a the best indie games are the ones with the most love
                  • Kimota parent reply Shovel Knight was the real spirit sequel to Megaman, my hero when I was a kid(still is) and videogames in general, so I hope you can enjoy it. Touhou Project is another story, I'm not the best at shup em' up or bullet hells(danmaku) I can't be certain, but I feel attached to these games. Maybe the gameplay, the music or the honest difficulty in them.
  • MackenzieLambert reply Horror games aren't about horror, but startling players with stimulus overload. This is the same issue with horror movies in the last decade.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Yeah... don't play a horror game dude. You will have a heart attack lol
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Yay!! I was shouted out! TY! I hide in the bathroom too. Your screams were giving me jump scares! lol
  • Sweetpotates reply It actually is a cool game, but I just suck with jumpscares :l
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