VidMe vs Youtube RANT | Please stop this

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  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply The reason for Vidme VS. YouTube is because a lot of creators on YouTube are having a hard time right now because of the advertiser boycott and they're jumping ship for Vidme.
  • thtguyoverthere reply but... but... How am I suppose to get on the frontpage if I don't make a circlejerk video about why vidme is so much better than youtube!?!?!?!
  • [ – ] ThatsEon reply OMG that intro lmao. I liked the stuff you talked about on the subject. Vidme is a separate entity not YouTube.
  • [ – ] KingFredrickVI reply "IT'S TIME to STOP" -- Papa Frank, Youtube vs VidMe 2017.
  • theoldsparrow reply Expect even more of these type of videos. As people come over from youtube they're going to get a little culture shock for better or worse. This will naturally lead to comparisons between the two sites and is low hanging fruit for making a video about it. Is it original? No. Is it natural? Yes. You can always stick to categories and to whom you're following rather than the front page.
  • Ms_K reply I'm glad Vidme is what it is.I say let YT be YT.Great video!
  • RandomEd787 reply I agree, there are way too many of these videos. I feel like the only way to get fairly decent views is to make a vidme vs youtube video and your set. That shouldn't happen.
  • [ – ] NinjaPoolboy reply Why to people alway put their crappy gameplay on in the background? STOP IT!
    • [ – ] EliteBrayden parent reply When you say you're a gaming channel in video and viewer asks why you put video game in background 👌😂
      • [ – ] NinjaPoolboy parent reply ...but this video is *NOT* about gaming... it's about "VidMe vs Youtube RANT." I just feel its lazy imo.
        • [ – ] EliteBrayden parent reply That'll change soon. For commentaries I'll start doing face cam kind of things
          • NinjaPoolboy parent reply Oh dude don't change what your doing on my account... it was just a one off comment about youtubers/vloggers in general. It's such a popular trend... It's like... "What the hell, this isn't twitch."
    • [ – ] ThatsEon parent reply What else would you put of you primarily do gaming? Lmao
      • NinjaPoolboy parent reply I guess i was talking in generalities, but also the videos usually have nothing to do with the audio or subject matter of said video... I guess that is what annoys me so much.
  • TaurusSilverDiamond reply i feel the same way!!!! omg i thought i was alone lol
  • EliteBrayden reply That moment where you "no scrip"
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