What's Wrong With Mega Man?

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  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply Nice animation! Always been a fan of animation. Anyway I was never much of a Mega Man fan, played Mega Man X as a kid and loved it but I never really played the others. Mega Man sits currently as a dust covered nostalgic idea to me. It was great and had it's time and will be loved. But that's not a bad thing. I'd rather not have a Sonic situation with Mega Man.
    • DanRoot parent reply Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I guess I'm glad Capcom decided to draw a line under Mega Man, at least for now, and not try and force something to work.
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Absolutely incredible animation.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Smooth animation! Well it's because capcom let it go so easily -_-
  • [ – ] Narcistego reply I'm thinking the "Mega Man" name won't ever be there anymore (beyond small/obscure indie titles like you mentioned), but you might get one, or more, big companies that create shooters and/or MMOs involving robots (with emotions and free will) that steal powers from other robots.
    • DanRoot parent reply Perhaps. The last game that tried that was Mighty No 9, and that didn't fair well at all. I certainly think Platform Shooters will continue to be a thing, but Mega Man just needs caring hands.
  • [ – ] BalloonTrain reply I love the little animation intro. I think it would be cool to incorporate more of your animations throughout your review, of him in different positions rather than just sitting on the couch. I think it would make it much more dimensional. Such a shame all those games never saw the light of day. Mega Man holds a special place in my heart so I wouldn't want to see it be turned into something out of character, but at the same time sometimes change is for the better (especially if it works out), so I'm torn. Really great review though, I was unaware about this!
    • DanRoot parent reply Hey, thanks for the feedback, that's a good suggestion :-) Yeah, Mega Man is quite literally the first game I played around the age of 6 or 7, and he's shaped my love of video games. It would be good to see him have a revival, but I think Capcom need to take great care not to push him further into obscurity.
  • soraroxasrikukairiven2017 reply A semi open world megaman would be nice.
  • [ – ] Tai_Moya reply I love that blue bomber. I hope they make new ones or atleast bring ALL the games to the switch SWITCH.
  • [ – ] Team_Xero reply Great video, I really enjoyed it! I followed you because I really liked this. P.S. This might be a nitpick, but, Mega Man Online wasn't supposed to link the Classic and X series together. It was going to take place much longer after the Classic and X series' timelines. The characters in Mega Man Online were copies of the originals, because the characters had passed away long before this game occurs. I just wanted to point that out, not exactly sure why, lol. Anyways, good luck to you and your channel! I'll be watching!
    • [ – ] DanRoot parent reply Hey, thanks ever so much for the support. Ahh right, I don't think I realised that. I think that game would have made even less sense by the sounds of it then.
      • Team_Xero parent reply Yeah, honestly I think the game wouldn't make much sense in the official timeline, if it was even supposed to be in the timelines.
  • [ – ] waveyboy reply I totally forgot about Mega Man until they included him in Smash 3DS/Wii U. I had no idea he was still a huge deal and had so many games out for his franchise. Sucks that they never finished some of those games since some of them looked pretty cool actually
    • DanRoot parent reply I think that's probably why Capcom keep him around in cameos and other games, so that he doesn't fall completely out of obscurity, but I guess it doesn't mean he'll have a new game any time soon.
  • [ – ] mechriot reply Another great video! Thank you for the amazing amount of effort you put into these, it's remarkable! :)
  • [ – ] Proto reply See I agree about ending on a high note... but they haven't really done anything for his 30th.
    • DanRoot parent reply True. I suppose the new TV series was meant to air this year to tie in with it, but that's coming in 2018 now.
  • [ – ] Florida-Hans reply I wouldn't mind if Capcom continued to make games of the blue bot, but at the same time, I think it's fine that they put it to rest, at least the platformer ones. We had how many? 11? 25? 742,039? I think we had a satisfying amount. BUT that being said, it was unfortunate on what happened to Legends fans. They only got 2 games and a spin-off, their game shouldn't have been canceled.
    • DanRoot parent reply Yeah, I think Capcom just designed themselves into a stale corner with every new sub-series. I'm quite happy with the 30+ games he has, though :-)
  • [ – ] Renbobz reply Great animation!
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