Minds.com Tutorial: The Free Speech Social Network

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  • [ – ] KayakuKaiju reply Minds and Vidme are the future. ScrewTube, Fartbork and Twatter are the grumpy old codgers yelling at the neighborhood children to stay off the lawn.
  • Rhyzir reply It would be nice if the video resumed from where you left off if you switch to a different app and back. Right now it restarts from the beginning, which is particularly annoying for long videos that you may need to interrupt to get something else done.
  • girlreadingbooks reply I've started my Minds account, and I'm already liking it! One of the best differences with Minds vs. Twitter is the character cap! You can write in full sentences to fully challenge any SJW that may come your way ><
  • [ – ] pcgeek86 reply Hey Dave, can you encourage Sargon of Akkad to get into vid.me? I'd rather go to a single source for all of my media 😁
  • [ – ] Lindenbree reply Well, that boosting part definitely sounds shady. You can buy points, and the more boost a post has, the more exposure it gets. A pay for views system doesn't seem too fair. I know it's basically the same as people paying to get their stuff advertised, but I still feel like more attention should be given to those with great content, not big wallets. Everything else sounds neat though. The paywall for certain content is especially a good idea since people do this anyway, but usually have to outsource it to other sites. I also like that there's blogs. If it truly is free speech, seems worth checking out!
    • [ – ] MaxIzrin parent reply You get points for people liking your stuff, and commenting on it (and the points are removed if you delete your posts), so people who create good content will have more points to boost with. So a company shill channel will need to pay to appear once every 15 posts, while also allowing content creators to compete for free if they make content that's worth it. Also Dave didn't talk about the discovery feature which is really neat, and is a very nice way of finding interesting channels.
      • [ – ] Lindenbree parent reply So is it only those who got points by paying that have to wait every fifteen posts for their post to appear? Or does everyone have to wait? Also, does it just automatically have their fifteenth post appear, or can they choose which post appears after every fifteen posts? And how does the Discovery feature work? Sorry for all these questions, hopefully you wouldn't mind answering them ^^'
        • MaxIzrin parent reply All boosted content gets the same treatment, every 15 posts, and on the top of the page there's a spinner with a bunch of boosted posts. -- There's no way of knowing who gets to see your boosted post. I boosted a pic from NASA and got some flat Earthers commenting on it, thankfully some normal people came along soon after :D . -- The discovery feature lets you discover channels by showing you a stream of content that's randomly collected, sorted by type images/videos/channels, you can view content that's trending/recommended in these categories, a pass/upvote/downvote/subscribe page (like smash or pass but with content ;) ) and there are also groups. -- On the bright side, it's difficult not to stumble on something you disagree with, so fewer echo chambers, on the negative side, you are fairly likely to encounter Holocaust deniers, flat Earthers, Anti-Vaxers, and many more...
  • bigbear51 reply The funny thing about needing to type someone's name for replies is that YouTube also has the issue.
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply I've been on Minds for a while, and have seen a couple of the posts that were gotten to the front page from using points (Brain no worky...) that sounded like they might have come from a guy standing on the street corner ranting to anyone who stays idle a little too long. That might be a good reason to opt out of that system, but otherwise, it's all pretty good.
    • [ – ] eon_flux parent reply Surely this is a form of freedom of speech, even if it was boosted to be there. And I think that minds places things at the top of the stream/feed that you don't subscribe to, to give people the chance to get noticed, to add variety and help growth.
      • [ – ] JadeJicama parent reply True, however, on the street, I have the option to walk away from someone ranting about things like fluoridated water and 'The Gubmint', which Minds doesn't let me do. I'm not saying this person should be stopped from talking, I'm saying I want a way to not have to listen.
        • eon_flux parent reply I understand you, and at first I didn't know why I was seeing a few random posts before relevant content. I guess scrolling down a bit could be the new walking away?!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Love minds! @hexagod
  • [ – ] MrKequc reply Minds is unappealing and I'm not sure what it offers on top of free speech. The interface is very cumbersome. It constantly bothers you for "points" and so fourth, which need to be gathered over time. In order to do things you'd otherwise think was either a normal feature or something people shouldn't be able to do. The site is too complex, it's trying to do everything all at once, and more. It's a terrible starting point.
    • eon_flux parent reply It doesn't "bother" you, it awards you points. You don't have to "gather" them, or keep clicking on the notifications if you don't want. It's a social network.
  • Kyleb reply Thanks for this! It was really helpful
  • RiccardoBlb reply WOW. I love how they just embraced capitalism here, I hope they'll add a way to offer money instead of points, this would be a great way for direct advertising while cutting out networks and any other form of useless middlemen.
  • geordieprepper reply Thanks a lot for this, I recently joined Minds.com
  • gamingandtech reply this site looks interesting I think ill make an account
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Lindenbree.. they wouldnt be able to afford to run the site without monetization. If you have quality content it's not hard to get points without paying AND you can only boost for 5$ no more. It's extremely well thought out
  • The_Albert_eXodus_Show reply Typo. I meant Do you think it sound like a scam ? Damn auto correct.
  • The_Albert_eXodus_Show reply Minds is asking now for investors of the Minds community , $100 to own a portion. Do you find this to be legit ? I respect your opinion on this matter either way , however , I find this to sound like a scam. Just got the email May 9th. Without attorneys involved & no signature except taking money from my bank account sounds fishy & why they don't use PayPal? 🤔
  • SEspider reply Minds is a LOT to take in and learn, in comparison to the large SNs. The biggest being the account name. When I signed up, it gave me an "@" name based off of my actual name. How do I change this to my unique Username? That way it's much easier for me to found
  • Arcadiassx999 reply Guys i cant get Vidme or Minds videos to play, what is going on?
  • fancyfig reply minds itself might be ideologically neutral, but the fact that you, sargon, and the other channels of exactly the same format and ideology have immediately colonized it with all of your followers and you guys will just leverage all the points to boost each other and drown out everyone else, it really isn't a very ideologically neutral experience.
  • atheistmassive reply Kekistan made it in the trends! Shaliday.
  • bjh1977 reply I dont post things. Logged into minds.com all good. after a spill of not using it i was booted. ok so next time i logged in everyday. a few weeks later booted. I don't post things. Until minds does not keep booting non posting people it will not work.
  • smukie reply Thanks so much for getting me on minds.com and vidme!
  • Outlet_Podcast reply All of these comments come from people who are jealous that they didn't get noticed on YouTube or on other social media platforms. Everybody wants to be the big fish on social media but here's the thing guys can you be engaging and interesting and marketable as the people on YouTube and Twitter and other social media? Don't think of yourselves to be so ingenuitive. Everything you're doing has been done by someone at some point in time before you. You're not an innovator. And that's okay.
  • MaxIzrin reply A proper free speech app, unlike the degeneracy formally known as Candid.
  • Conjure reply I poked around minds.com but don't really care for the whole 'boost' thing. My newsfeed was just filled with so much 'noise' from all these random posts, some of which has appeared two or three times in a row for some bizarre reason. I haven't written off the site in case things go that way in the future but I think were I to use it regularly, I'd opt out.
  • Grumanilt reply Hi Dave, thanks for the helpful video. I hate social media in general, because they are a way to spy on us for free, but I will definitely open an account on minds.com
  • metalhusky reply wait, so if you are new to get exposure you have to pay?
  • The_ColeSparks reply Thanks for the tutorial, now if we can find Harry Mcanus & Phil on.....Wait a minute; Are they out of their "Minds"? Also where is Ass.me? There's Vid.me, Ad.me, but no Ass.me. (Ignore the last question because I'm typing while dancingdtdugukjghgf4w336ytrupkjlknvfdtftfyfygilkkllkjlkjjhhgghkjjlkkj)
  • THOMPSONATOR reply I fully support this site, but I've had trouble so far uploading videos there. I'm sure it'll get better though.
  • Sectual reply Amazing video, Dave, thanks so much! <3
  • blazedu reply i don't use social media, can't see the point of it. But if for some reason i start using it more regularly i'm glad i didn't even started with a facebook account. minds will be where facebook users will migrate organically. keep the good work Bill.
  • Akhenaten reply Thanks man, I'm definitely sharing this to spread the word!
  • Rhyzir reply I've been hoping there would be something like this!
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