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  • NicoWonderdust reply I love discovering other narrators across different platforms, nice work man. In response to one of your previous comments to Crimson King, some of us use either google for stock images and apply effects/edit them/make our own, and some of us use ... I, myself, do all three, depending on the video. Hope this helps.
  • [ – ] PlanetPasta reply Thanks @NicoWonderdust I suck at editing though. That's why I use gameplay. It's easier for me :p
    • NicoWonderdust parent reply More than welcome. Just choose a single stock image/video with effect and fade it out to an end screen maybe? xD Simple, but effective xD
  • Lilasweb reply In light of pizzagate, this isn't funny
  • PlanetPasta reply There's a video about a ouija board I'm about to do and I looked up a stock video of one and they charge $50 for a 17 second video like are you out of your mind? lol maybe when I get money I can record something for certain videos to see how people react to that format. Thanks for the advice :p @crimson_king
  • [ – ] PlanetPasta reply I know @crimson_king I'm a commentary channel that does creepypastas. I don't know where other narrators gets those stock videos lol I kinda figured people watch these kind of videos in the background :p
    • crimson_king parent reply That makes sense I guess. I'm used to listening to these things in the background anyway. If you need stock footage I'd suggest buying a decent camera and filming a tree or some nature scene in the evening for a few hours, that is if you can't find some site with stock stuff you can shell out a little dough on. But hey what do I know right? I'm some little channel with not intentions of making it big. Anyway see you round.
  • crimson_king reply The reading is good, the gameplay doesn't fit though.
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