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  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply I would say as more creative production moves to your country, the greater the population base of Welsh producers will be. But even then, will those Creators be Welsh or English transplants pursuing the creative arts? That being said, in this interweb age how important is a Creator's location? There are YouTube stars in obscure places like Minnesota and or many other small towns most have never heard of for example.
    • liam_matt parent reply The surprising thing is it's still incredibly difficult to get Welsh producers -- most edge towards cinematography, directing and sound! It's double edged sword in that respect as a lot of Wales based creators now are not Welsh! I feel in the UK it's more important since if you look at any big creator on somewhere like YouTube they are either from or living in London, which leaves the rest of the UK kind of struggling as the best way to become big is to work with someone who already is! Whereas in the States creators from all over are able to become bigger as there's not one place where they flock, due to the sheer size of the USA!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I live in Greece and just like in Wales, the culture here is not used to online media maybe because we have more elderly people than youngsters. TV here is most popular than spending time in Youtube even among my Greek Millennial friends. They use YT only to watch music videos. Twitter is not big here too. Most people in the Balkans use Facebook more. Well, all my life in Greece and I still haven't seen ANYONE vlogging outside xD When my whole class in college found out that I make videos online, they still didn't get it. In the end of the day, Greece is a little behind with technology. Movies come out 1 month after they are released in the UK or US. People are not used to e-commerce and still Youtubers and Online creators is not classified as a business.
    • liam_matt parent reply I have to admit I have noticed the film culture in Greece is not what I should be, as there is a guy on my Film course who complains at length about it! It's ridiculous how different it can be from the UK to the Balkans... Maybe the fact that films are coming out later and thus filmmakers have less interest in releasing there? It's just baffling to me!
  • [ – ] Lady_fantasymanic reply Uploading speed is not great in Wales unless you live in the City.
    • liam_matt parent reply I feel really bad for the fact that I didn't think of that as a factor... I think that could be due to the fact that I lived in Swansea and then Cardiff, so the wifi and thus uploading speed has been pretty solid!
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