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For Free by Drake and DJ Khaled (The Kyd and ARI GOLD Remix)(Lyrics in Description)

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August 8 2017

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Lyrics: Broad is just provocative in cognitive, Forgot all em wrongs I did, Denial, it spirals, she’s longin it, Child’s out, fly girl done hogged the stick Hyped cannibal, so light candles, ooh, I’m antsy boo Timeless, voice silenced, Poised highness in eyelids, Ploy kindness, prescribe this to find kits’ Mack tricks gain attraction, conjuring chain reactions Fact is an addict, unsure which dame squeeze dapped up Riding me in privacy, spouses get piracy Hoe about to give vaginas, G Fun linguistics, jump in cunninlingus With stunning bitches, arranged, get dazed then I’m dormant Amazement, pacin, for more fam But no relations, translation, shut the door ma’am Hoes be tracin, man’s placements, cut the cord, man Or get romanced, played quick, fuck enduring, These gutsy courtships, look rough and boorish, Stand gruffly groaning, handcuff beholdened, Juxtaposed with just my lonesome, Husky shogun, who’s shown up This studied poet? No one Break Attracted these brizzies, refractory’s iffy Mackin be slick, he, Goes and gets stacked so she’s busy Hung, no skeptic, the schlong’s perfected, Check for contraceptives cause upon affection, I Make propositions, confident thick chick, Monument distance, sick how long I went with it Goin raw, bend and bonin broads, moment saw Contend’ with overall skills shown abroad Glow with charm, so at large, for the hoes at bars, Drove ‘em home massage, oblige, scroll the code of arms, Hit the lights, grip it tight, Get it right, mix the type, No breaks ight? Til white goes through those canines Purdy whore got her Shirley poured, So its assured she’ll be surely sore In the early morn’, adjourn the court, Gent deserves rewards for scores With timid virgin Laur’ that ends with cervix torn Break Stickin like Siamese, bitch be Guyanese Admires me, her fire steams, Enough to burn entire streets, Ignite my steez, likely she like me cuz she like the cheese High degrees, when she lie in sheets the lion shrieks, Slyly fiends, deeznick as of recent, she mends My putter without a rubber, leavin me dead, Thrust still with subtle huddles with her double D’s man, decent, Relieving, see these fags left, easy access Leavin mad fresh, like I seized these fat cheques, She breathin smashed, caressed, by the best Catch flack by the, slacks lackin a- Ssets, with Lex blastin tracks in paps Acura, Sack baffles her, I ain’t platonic, filet lay on it, Make great songs, bitch, I may stay modest, Dome from vogues is kosher, so Going coast to coast, hope you know, We in this til we both relinquish, Only finish, explode your limbs quick, Ya prone to win this, Dome Olympics, Hope drones won’t miss this, So mojo’s witnessed, ya bitch Music projects/Personal sites below! Patreon: My band Along Came A Spider: Personal: Twitch: PSN (PS4/PS3): JamieACAS Hip Hop project: Instagram:

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