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  • ZbigniewW reply Hi Gabe, don't worry .More and more people are turning of msm . I showed your movies to my relatives in Europe and they all agree with you. YTube did it bc you're somebody and they know it. You do great job,I follow you since the elections and I appreciate your knowledge. Don't let these intellectual midgets like "" get to you .
  • ProphetMo-hammed1n reply That's right, fuck Islam! Fuck Islam! And that faggot Barry and big Mike!
  • ukvoter reply stinktube has been taken over by the Liberal with an agenda, very similar to BBC in the UK (Biased BBC)
  • ukvoter reply Liberals with evil agenda have taken over Youtube , very similar to the BBC in the UK .totally biased ShiteHawks
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply I'm sure that Google and YouTube are getting subsidized by the Tax Payer Trough. As a channel like Vidme ramps up in popularity, YouTube will go down in popularity like the Main Stream Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Love the Spicy Speech.... you GO Gabor! Afterall, we are Adults Right? Just talking and listening.
  • Ledererable reply just to hear fuck was worth changing the channel !!! greetings from germany
  • MrLeermeister reply Glad I found This Gabe, I see they finally closed your YT account
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