US Threatens War with North Korea | The Millennial Revolt

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  • Daniel57 reply Tensions are high everywhere
  • SlavicLore reply Our politicians are lobbied and paid by our military industrial complex. They profit on weapons sales, those require an enemy and a conflict. All revolves around money.
  • themillennialrevolt reply Special military intro for war news
  • themillennialrevolt reply CLICK LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR CITIED SOURCES !!! We have multiple people in our government who will stop at nothing to get a war with North Korea, Iran and Russia it is dangerous and should be condemned at every level. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said the president has been clear he will not tolerate North Korea's threats to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons and that the United States is preparing for a "preventive war" with North Korea among many options to deal with its missile and nuclear threats
  • AlurichtheMad reply If war does break out against North Korea, I hope our missile defence systems work
  • Huktoz reply People who do not live in a world/nuclear power I pray for you.
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