Steve makes up lies about 'anti feminists'

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  • [ – ] BanksyStyle reply i bet if Steve is a bad boy his wife takes his masturbation rights away
  • [ – ] Balakay reply Bet Steve's wife won't have sex with him
  • OleCrankyGamer reply I have a lot of experience with women, maybe too much since I had bad ones in lying, sophomoric feminists who took my money & time! I also have a daughter where feminism tries to tell her she is a victim and oppressed, what a nice platform to start your life off on...oh wait, become a feminist, we will "save" you Those two reasons are why I am anti feminist Try again Peg Boy Shives
  • skorpan777 reply STEVE fucks alot.......?
  • duckhk reply People may ask why and how someone like Steve Shives can say this crap over and over again. How could someone be this unaware of reality? It's quite easy. He is in a relationship with a women who berates him and devalues his self worth. If he were to acknowledge he was wrong, what does that mean about his woman? His friends? Or what he was taught his whole life? It is easier for him to sacrifice himself for the rest of his life than to sacrifice his past.
  • TheMac reply Stevey has been telling lies and making false accusations for some time now. It appears to have become like a religious calling in which it is OK to say anything about people who are not part of your religion. He has become a dishonest bigoted asshole without even noticing.
  • killabong reply Steve's "wife" has a massive cock.he's upset that "she" gets all the pussy
  • Crucifilth reply Steve "The Pussy Slayer" Shives
  • [ – ] peershaunm reply i wander how many times steeve shives has sat in a closet and jerked off while some dindu fucks his ugly wife? my guess is a little over a dozen. #CulturalMarxismIsCancer
  • Texastom reply I see many similarities between shives and onision, and look what's happening to onision. Both are 1 day away from a psychotic break. Imo
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply expand (possible spam) I've noticed something interesting in my years of "debating" with people. If you say something that sounds smart, or use a term they've never heard of before, they'll later try to use it on you. I assume it's both to try and appear on the same level as you, and to try and put the same insult they felt, back onto you. I think Shives is doing the same thing here. "Male allies" have long been the target of ridicule for being "white knights" in an attempt to gain the favor (and pussy) of feminists. I can't help but feel this is his attempt to turn it back onto anti-feminists. Unfortunately the narrative doesn't hold up. The same people that claim we hate women are trying to claim we're only doing it because we can't get women? Little backwards there bud. Also, most of the anti-feminist youtubers I can think of are all in relationships, so....
    • [ – ] Crazy_Cat_Gentleman parent reply Why this is "possible spam" is beyond me Vidme is just as cancerous as YT
      • [ – ] Ndoki parent reply Beg your pardon? I think you might have me confused with someone else?
        • [ – ] Crazy_Cat_Gentleman parent reply Your comment is displayed as "expand (possible spam)"
          • Crazy_Cat_Gentleman parent reply See:
          • [ – ] Ndoki parent reply It's not that far fetched, it's probably just assuming based on the length as most people don't type much in comments. I hardly consider that cancerous, or putting it on the same level as YT.
            • [ – ] Crazy_Cat_Gentleman parent reply That's how it began.
              • [ – ] Ndoki parent reply That's a highly subjective opinion.
                • [ – ] Crazy_Cat_Gentleman parent reply Subjective? Its what happened. Whatever, I'm done with you.
                  • [ – ] Ndoki parent reply If it's not subjective then you should be able to provide proof that comments being flagged as spam is definitively "how it began." but I'm guessing you knew that which is why you're abandoning your own argument...
                    • [ – ] Crazy_Cat_Gentleman parent reply LOL nice try. I've only had to re-post others valid comments that were erroneously flagged as spam for the last 2 years. The one comment where I had to do this the most was on The Thinkery's 'Old Feminist Regrets Becoming a Feminist' See for yourself, note how many times I had to say "____ commented but it was flagged as spam ......"
                      • Ndoki parent reply Nice try indeed. I didn't ask for examples of comments being marked as spam, I asked for proof that comments being marked as spam is "how it began" So try again. Also so much for being done, huh?
  • Kekerinos reply gotta love how youtube is the main platform for feminists and is the main platform for anti feminists
  • Hijack_the_Ripper reply So much projection coming through from Steve's side at the start of the video
  • Bad-People reply Would have seen an hour ago on but this IS Eeh, uhh... Time travel is confusing!
  • Platypus67 reply Steve clearly is projecting here - its a common trade of these feminists and sjws. On the other hand he's married to a lindworm so maybe we should cut him some slag... or maybe not; yup, DEFINITELY not!!
  • [ – ] fuiscklam reply Steve Shives is an anagram for vevees shits
  • Speycs reply Steve has nice "logic"
  • AxelSephtis reply Alpha Kappa Mango
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